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Chaghatishi Moon-Bow

by Wesley Quadros

Chaghatishi was a Char-Un warrior who adopted the Lunar Way and followed Yanafal Tarnils during the early Lunar wars. He led his warband at the Nights of Horror and broke the Five Serpents tribe, defeating their champion in single combat and slaying three shamans with one pull of the bow.

This is the Yanafal subcult of the horse archer and is gaining popularity among the Char-Un and the nomads of the Redlands.

Physical Skills: Archery, Trick Riding

Mental Skills: Steppe Tactics

Affinities: Steppe Warfare (Dancing Horse, Tireless Mount, Hawk's Eye, Find Sustenance, Hide from Spirit)
Additional Combat Feats: Three Arrow Pull, Cleave Spirit

Secret: Spirit Warrior (This ability allows the worshipper to combat or treat with spirits like an animist would and can be used as any shamanic ability including Spirit Combat, Spiritworld travel and Shamanic Escape.)

Worshippers: Some horse nomads and some Imperial units designed to combat them.

Other Connections: Chatashi is a sub-cult of Yanafal Tarnils.

Disadvantages: Worshippers are often scorned, or worse, by the animist majority among the nomads. Subject to lunar cycle.



October 27, 2001

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