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- by Wesley Quadros

A Shargash the Destoyer Sub-Cult

Mythos and History

In the time of Emperor Urvairinus, Bashekardevi was the Red King of Alkoth. Bashekardevi, like his ancestor, Shargash, studied the Emperor's enemies and learned how to fight them. Bashekardevi did this by going among the Strangers and speaking with them. He traveled among the Horned Tribe and the Goat Tribe. Bashekardevi watched the Wood Tribe fight with the Stone Tribe. Finally, Bashekardevi joined the Ice Tribe and fought the Storm Tribe with them. When Bashekardevi returned to Alkoth he wrote down all that he had learned and presented it to Urvairinus. When Urvairinus led his armies forth Bashekardevi led the Alkothi Battle and everywhere the army went they were victorious for they knew what the foe would do before it did it.

Entry Requirements: Be a worshipper of Shargash

Physical Skills: Endure Weather

Mental Skills: Evaluate Foe, Read Dara Happan, Write Dara Happan, Cartography, Myths of Bashekardevi

Know Foe (Perceive Foe's Strengths, Perceive Foe's Weaknesses, Recognise Foe, Befriend Foe)

Secret: Heroform Bashekardevi

Worshippers: Explorers and scouts from Alkoth.

Other Side: Bashekardevi's worshippers join him serving Shargash as a Lord of Destruction upon their death. They quest through Shargash's Realm seeking invaders and learning what they can from them before reporting their findings to their Fiery Lord.

Other Connections: Bashekardevi worshipers have been welcomed into the Emperor's Hunter Corps.

Disadvantages: These are still Shargashi Red Path warriors. Their temper is cooler than most but is still there and they frighten many people within the Empire.

January 7, 2001

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