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- By Wesley Quadros
Thanks to Pam C. and Martin L.

Alkor the Son, Shargash the Husband, the Facilitator

Alkor is the son of Shargash and is the city god of Alkoth. Alkor is also worshiped as the fertility aspect of his father. As the fertility aspect of Shargash, Alkor married Biselenslib and then Oslira.

When the Selfish God and then the Cruel God and many more brought war to Dara Happa, Shargash wanted to protect his most loyal humans. Thus he took his girdle and put it upon the earth. He then created a son, Alkor, and sent him among his people to create a city within the girdle and to teach the people how to live therein. His girdle forms the Great Wall of Alkoth.

Alkor's most important task is to bring Shargash's blessings of birth and fertility to the people of Alkoth. He receives all of the ash left from offerings to his father and places them in the enclosures where they are blessed. During the planting seasons, Alkor presides over the fertility rites in the fields and spreads the ash over the fields and rice paddies much as Shargash spread his seed among the many earth goddesses he lay with. These rites complete Shargash's cycle. Destruction, Purification, Rebirth.

The farmers burn their fields when the growing season wanes, just as Shargash slew Yelm when his might and justice began to fade. Part of the ash is collected and placed in the Enclosures to be added to all the other ash and is purified as Yelm purified himself in the Enclosure. Finally, Alkor spreads the ash over the fields from which new life grows, much as Shargash led Bijif-Yelm back into the world after it was cleansed and brought life back to it.

Alkor also is the god of the city of Alkoth. All those within the Great Wall are his responsibility. Alkor sees to the efficient running of the city and maintains peace among his people. He brings Shargash's fertility to the people and the animals in the city and over sees the bureaucracy which runs the city. Alkor is also responsible for maintaining the wards on the Great Wall and improving them, he taught Shargash's people how to add their power to The Wall.

You are a follower of Aklor and are led by the High Priest of Alkor, the Green King. Most followers of Alkor come from the traditional priest class in the city but some are the ‘softer' sons of noble families; those unsuitable to serve the Destroyer of the Devourer in a more meaningful way. Being imbued with Shargash's potency leads them to keep large families.

Alkori are also tasked with comforting the many widows in Alkoth, at least until they are taken to wife by somebody.

Requirements: Must be a male citizen of Alkoth.

Physical Skills: Sexual Magnetism

Mental Skills: Administer City, Read Dara Happan, Write Dara Happan, Knowledge of Dara Happan Law, Knowledge of Alkor Myths

Affinities: City (Bless City, Create City Spirit, Increase City Morale, Direct Mob, Enhance all)
Fertility (Bless Crops, Improve Virility, Impregnate, Bless Livestock) Law (Argue Persuasively, Cite Regulation, Defend Jurisdiction, Find Truth)

Secret: Renewal (Acts like an integrated passion spirit that augments any task involving renewal: rebuilding a damaged home, fertilising a field, healing a wounded warrior for example.)

Worshipers: The High Priest of Alkor is the Green King of Alkoth. His city administrators and many noble families in the city worship this aspect of their great god.

Other Side: Alkor’s Palace is on the Green Hill in Alkoth. From the Palace worshippers may exit to the Golden Age and the Underworld. After death Alkor’s followers join him in the Golden Age where all is peaceful and fertile and Shargash’s cycle is in balance. They continue to follow the path of renewal and will eventually will be reborn into the Mundane Plane.

Other Connections: : The cult is on good terms with most of the other cults in the city. The cult of Alkor is the most acceptable face of the pantheon and handles most friendly outside contact.

Disadvantages: None.


June 8, 2000

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