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Sign Post This page lists other internet resources the I find useful for Glorantha. Not all are sites dedicated to Glorantha.

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Gloranthan Links

 Benedict Adamsson's Fire Bull pages.   - The Fire Bull clan
 Jörg Baumgartner's Gloranthan pages.   - Heortland, Holy Country, Ralios, Sartar, Seshnela
  - Aeolian Church
 Oliver Bernuetz's Glorantha page.   - Balazar, Lunar Empire, Prax, Ralios, Sartar
 Mike Dawson's Pavis Page.   - Pavis
 Chris Defours' Rune Quest Site.   - * en francais *
  - Campaign notes
 David Dunham's Gloranthan Page.   - Dragon Pass, Grazers, Ralios, Saird, Umathela
  - Gorakiki, Hsunchen, Odayla, Orlanth, Vinga,
 Nikk Effingham's Glorantha Page.   - Ralios
  - Many RuneQuest cults
  - Heroquesting
 James Frusetta's Troll Site.   - Trolls, trolls and more trolls
 Arnaud Goetzmann's HeroWars site.   - * en francais *
  - Play aids for players and narrators, discussion groups
 Greg's Prax Page.   - * en francais *
  - Prax
  - French players seeking players
Kethaela   - * en francais *
  - Kathaela
 Loren Miller's Carmanian page.   - Carmania
  - Carmanian Church
 Simon Phipps' Gloranthan site.   - Heroquests, Campaigns, Shamans, Myths
 Ian Thomson's Pavis Site.   - Pavis
  - Deezola, Vinga, Humakt, Lanbril, Yelorna, Black Fang,
    Opili, Estangtang, Flintnail
 Nicolas Perpere's La Voix de Nysalor.   - * en francais *
  - Lunar Empire, Prax
  - Play aids for Hero Wars
 Book of Drastic Resolutions   A Gloranthan Fanzine
 Tradetalk   A Gloranthan Fanzine
 The Unspoken Word   A Gloranthan Fanzine

Non-Gloranthan Links

 The Online Medieval and
  Classical Library
  on-line versions of a lot of classical literature including
  the Icelandic sagas.
 Regia Anglorum.   Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History 950-1066CE.
  A source for all things Orlanthi.
 Martin's Bibliography
 Wesley's Bibliography

April 26, 2002

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