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The Red Stone Clan - An enemy clan of the Voron Snow Top Clan

The Red Stones were an Ernalding clan who favored the flint, and had many powerful worshippers of Hedkoranth. They could coax all sorts of strange and powerful magic out of various kinds of rocks, and commanded Ernalda's Daimons and Gnomes with ease.

The Red Stone raid, even in the rain When Orlanth founded the tribes and clans, Queen Kero Fin took the Sons and Daughters of the laughing old man Voron as opposed to the greedy and grasping sons and daughters of Karvetti, the Red Stone Witch. Many a time had she sought to steal the secrets of how Voron ever stayed youthful. "There must be a trick, I must know." But Voron laughed. "It is the love of the flying girl which keeps me young, old hag. Go back to Maran's cave, and count rocks."

At various times, the Red Stones and Snow Top had been friends, such as at the Trembling Shores, when Voron heard the Water Tribe coming, and told Karvetti where to erect her ruby wall. At other times, the Red Stones were victorious, such as when Havrek Shattershout won the Golden Sheaf from Dangreesi The Mountain Dancer. The Red Stones always loved the earth more than the storm, but always honored Orlanth's laws, and both of you are favored children of Kero Fin.

The worst offense was when they stole the Red Yew tree Inahash, which made fruit that could cure any poison. That Goddess is still in their possession, stolen 300 years ago by Korm Too Bright, a Red Stone Elmali who sang a song which blinded your Darksense and stunned you as he and the Red Stone raiders made off with the tree.

Now, in these hard times, they have alliances with the Malani. Both seek to strip your Clan of treasures. The Malani seek the location in the God World of the Cleft of Kev, which is known to at least one of your Godar. The Red Stones seek more prosaically your crops. Despite their mastery over earth, they seem to be better at dealing with stone than with soil. They seek to initimidate you into a tribute relationship, and constantly attempt to steal your cattle and crops. So far, you've resisted. But, lately they seem to have bright new armor and shiny new weapons. Perhaps you can bargain assistance from the Brown Horse or the Arrowstorm?

The Red Stone are a war clan, who were crushed along with yours in Starbrow's uprising. They earn silver by escorting Lunar trade caravans from Swenstown to Far Point, heading north towards Mirin's Cross through Sartar. Those who are generous point out that the Red Stone have children like you do who need to eat.

What's worse, the Red Stone have recently been guesting Lunar Missionaries.


April 8, 2001

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