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The Prophesies


"Through the discord and negligence of a fool!"


A grey figure looms out of the increasing gloom. No one had noticed him before. Now he looms from the shadows; eyes glinting darkly, terribly, many look away, others do not, can not, his visage smeared in ash. It is Malygris, speaking tenebrous portent, emphatic beating on the Talion drum.

"Through the discord and negligence of a fool,"


"A passage shall be opened to Sedenya!"

*bam* *bam*

"The land shall be bloody and wasted,"


"And the furrow shall be sword-turned."


"By thunder and axe, drum and fury,
The bronze shall shine by night.
By these a great number shall perish.
Two rivers shall be red with running blood."

"I ,ancient Malygris, l call on our ancestors and our traditions and on ancient council. I hear words of Truth as I brood in sursurrant noctivagancy."


April 19, 2001

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