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The Voroni Campaign

The Origins of the Voronlings - The Snow Top Clan of the Kheldon

This is the story woven as we went through the ClanGen program on

Before History, there was the God Time, when Gods and people walked together, and it wasn't always possible to tell who was who. Our clan remembers back to the Green Age, when Ernalda gathered the women to share in the abundance of the Earth.

The Green Age ended when Hunger came into the world. Ernalda stopped the Hunger by finding her fertile sister Esrola, who had been trapped behind a terrible mask. The women of our clan helped her to do this, by mading the vessels in which the Flax and Geese were sacrificed.

The Emperor called Ernalda and her sisters to attend him at his Celestial Court. Ernalda was to be seperated from us, and we were sad. Ernalda said to us "Do not fear, for one day I will find a husband who will avenge this dishonour and free me from this unjust imprisonment".

Orlanth was regarded as an upstart god at first, with only a few crazy and dangerous brothers at his side. Gradually he gathered Gods and Men to his side, and, with their help, shaped the world. We joined Orlanth's cause when he tamed his unruly brothers, laid down the law, and founded the Storm Tribe

When, At Ernalda's urging, Orlanth made the Storm Tribe, he divided the people into Clans, each led by a god.

Having appointed all the chiefs of all the clans, Orlanth offered our ancestors the first choice among mortals of who would be our chief. With a single voice made of all our wishes, we praised Kero Fin, the Mountain Mother, who gave birth to the finest of gods and now gave birth to the best of clans.

Kero Fin is best, because she pleases the men, since she is part storm and stands forth so proud, but she also pleases all the women, because she is part earth and a mother.

That is why we are the best of the Heortlings, and any damn Malani who say otherwise can go hunt skunks.

Led By Orlanth, the Storm Tribe fought many other tribes.

During the Vingkotling Age our ancestors lived at Victory Hall and served Vingkot in his warband. Voron-Gunther was spear-thane to Vingkot when the High King rode his chariot to battle the Dark Men form the north. Standing on the back of the boar Relentless - while Vingkot stood upon Inevitable - Voron-Gunther smote left and right with his leaf-bladed battle spear. Our ancestor returned to Victory Hall with seventeen troll tongues. High King Vingkot gifted him richly; giving him a sturdy chain hauberk.

Led those Malani *ptoi* talk of their blood - none of their thegns can match our basest cottar!

The Great Darkness came, and with it, the creatures of Chaos set about destroying the world. Ernalda died, and Orlanth had to go away to try to rescue her from the land of the dead. He left his son, Vingkot, to protect the Storm people. Vingkot did so by reorganising the devastated clans and making distinctions between people. He said that we should shelter the people of a ruined clan, but that we could choose the status that should be given to them. We made them slaves, and called them Thralls.

It was King Heort, descendant of Vingkot, who finally guided our people out of the Great Darkness. He made many new laws, and taught the clans how to orient themselves towards war or peace, or to find a balance between the two principles.

We gathered the clan and let everyone speak their mind. Turgar Blue Spear, our chief, said we should prepare ourselves with sharp weapons and Orlanth's strength. Then his wife, Kallia Broken-Basket whispered in his ear and he shut up, red-faced. She turned to the clan and explained that we had always followed Ernalda first and She taught us that there is always another way. The clan was swayed by her wise words and decided that we would form a peaceful clan.

After the Dawn, there came a time of peace and co-operation, where the various people of Glorantha worked together. During this time our ancestors made many unexpected allies.

During the Dawn years, when all the world was new again, we allied with the Uz, who fought side-by-side against the Bright Empire with us. When Gbajicame, we reaffirmed our ancient ties, and fought the chaos spawn together. Unfortunately, a feud betweern Bren Long-arm and Uturk Broocrusher spoiled our relations with the Uz, until Argan Argar and Issaries healed the rift with many gifts. Bloodlines were exchanged as well; we claim the DrumThunder family as not only allies, but as kin. We know the secret words to enter the Black Caves, and welcome our kin's kin when they visit the world. Only the followers of the Bloody Handed One (Zorak Zoran) do not consider us kin with their kin."

The Peaceful Dawn Time did not last forever. A priest called Lokamaydon took upon himself the powers of High Storm, and tried to choke Orlanth's worship. Many people went along with Lokamayadon, because he was powerful, but most of the followers of King Heort rebelled against him, even though it cost them greatly.

Enraged by the heretical behaviour of the so-called priest Lokamayadon , our people fought bravely to stop him and his foolish followers. Many of us fell before their foul and impious magic, but that did not matter. In the end we prevailed and proved the false so-called priest Lokamayadon wrong, just as Elmal stood fast against the False Oracle when guarding Orlanth's Stead.

Lokamaydon helped create a new god, which brought Chaos back into the world. That foe was called Gbaji, who was destroyed by a foreigner named Arkat, who liberated many lands from its grip. Arkat came to us when a great Heortling hero, Harmast, went into the realm of the gods and did what Orlanth did when the world was dead. Arkat was aided by the Troll race, which was also an enemy of our oppressive foe.

When Arkat came among us we fought against him. We might not hate *all* trolls but that evil and treacherous westerner was allied with the fearsome and corrupt Lord Demon of the Legions of Death, the brutal Zorak Zorani *ptoui*. Was it in this dark era that some of our warriors took up Elmal's shield to defend out tula from the foul hordes of Arkat.

During The Second Age, a Dragon Appeared to us, in either it's own form or the form of a human with a Dragon's soul inside it. It proposed making a new empire with Dragon Knowledge. The Dragons had always been hostile, or, at least, utterly uncaring. Orlanth has always been the dragon slayer, but many priests of other clans embraced these new ways.

We were initially receptive to his offers after receiving advice from our ally Hachrat Blowhard. Only when it was too late did we realise the error of our ways and fight against them.

The Dragon Followes got their comeuppance when the Dragonmen killed all of their leaders. Great armies came into Dragon Pass from the north and south. The great dragons themselves appeared, some as big as the sky, and ate all but 10 of the humans. From this we learned not to allow one setback to stop us from trying new things.

We lived in the place called Heortland. It was ruled by an immortal Troll called the Only Old One. In 1313, a Usurper who called himself the Pharaoh came to Heortland and started a civil war. At about the same time, we heard that the land of Dragon Pass, empty of human life for centuries, was once again open to Orlanthi settlement.

Why, you ask, did we decide to settle Dragon Pass?

Not difficult that! An easy answer is mine to give you, for I love this tale, and will gift you with its telling whenever the thick dark beer is passed from hand to hand.

In the Age of Vingkot, when our the Tribe of Orlanth and Ernalda first was formed, our ancestors joined the clan of Kero Finn, the Mother of Mountains. We loved the Great Mother, and we learned the many mysteries of her land, the secrets of her wild hills, the hidden magics of her verdant valleys. Much later, in our bitter exile, we preserved those secrets until the time She might call us home.

When a war with no victors once again threatened our clan, that time when even kin spoke ill of kin, then the Great Mother called us to return. Every man and woman of the clan knew a great longing in their heart, and as one we began the long journey nothwards. Sweet is the land of Kerofinela, and sweet indeed the great wyrd before us!

When we got to Dragon Pass, we settled in the shadow of the Quivin mountains. In this new land, the Heortling clans found new enemies. We found Uz who thought that we would be good to eat. Still those evil, twisted trolls plague us with raids. Our fyrd may be small, but our warriors are skilled. Our Drum Thunder kin and Vingkot have aided us in taking a score of troll tongues these last few seasons.

After Clans got settled, the began fight with one another. Soon they banded into tribes.

They came to us, begging us to join their tribe, as our land was fertile. They came to us, begging us to join their tribe, as our cattle were strong. We said what have you that we want?

They said we will protect you from your enemies. We said our brothers of the drumthunder protect us from our enemies.

They said we will gift you our powerful magics. We said our magic is strong in the bosom of the earth and the thunder of the storm.

They said we will give you rings of silver and swords of bronze. We said we have rings of gold, ploughs of bronze and maces of lead.

They said we will take your spare grain and exchange it for wines from the south, cider from the west, gems from the north and warriors from the east. We said, we will join your tribe.

About 150 Years ago, a man named Sartar came to our land of warring tribes. His ways were new and strange, but his magic was powerful. He made this place into the kingdom that now bears his name.

We admired his ability to unite the Tribal Kings. When he became King of Dragon Pass, we knew we had chosen well. So it is that those who triumph over kinstrife can achieve anything.

It was during the time of Sartar that the Great Lunar Empire to the north started to send Devotees to Dragon Pass, seeking converts to its ways. Some accused them of trafficking in Chaos, but they said that this was too simple a way of looking at things.

When the devotees of Rufela came to us, they came in the guise of those who would be friends. They brought gifts and offered fine things to those who would follow their Moon Demon goddess and bow their heads to take her guilded shackles. We knew that the predark were not to be trusted, but were of two minds. There were those who said that they should be thralls and thus their children could be raised in the ways of Orlanth, thus showing his greatness in defeating the red men. Others argued that only in Humakt's embrace would any predark be safe. After much talk at the moot the will of our chieftain swayed the clan and we took them as thralls.

For many years, the heirs of Sartar fought with the Lunar Empire, who sought to conquer all Orlanthi lands.

You ask how our forebears fought the Red Men? Here's what I recall, from what I saw with my eyes, heard with my ears, and as I have been told by those who have gone on. My mother told me of the clan moot where we considered Prince Jaralor's call to arms for battle against the Lunars in Tarsh. The argument went on many hours, because the call came very late in the summer, and everyone feared that too many men would be gone from the harvest. She said how Bolthor Blabbermouth, who almost never talked, stood up from his seat among the carls and walked to the ring of long-legged thanes. "I'll go." was all he said, and every fighting man there decided to go then. That's where we got the glass staff in the chief's hall, as trophy for killing so many Lunar sorcerers when Jaralor rolled his cavalry behind the Lunar lines. We rose up to stand against the Lunars at Dwarf Ford too, and Bolthor lost 6 fingers when we fled the field. Prince Jaralor died covering our escape. After that, we lost some taste for fighting, it seemed.

When Jarosar, the next prince, called us, our Elmal priest warned us not to go, and many did not. We were in the midst of a bad feud those years with the Bright Horse Clan, who now live near the Sun Dome. Orlgard Blusterboar was one of many who died helping the prince put down the Yelmalio revolts. He was Orlkar Vandarlson's grandfather.

Many of our youths raided Tarsh at command of King Tarkalor, in those good days. They would return a few days into Earth Season, leading fine horses laden with booty and thralls to do the harvesting for them. That's where Kinstraid's father got the fancy red and blue saddle, and Urakava's father got his first underwife, the one who ran away.

After Tarkalor, omens for our young warriors went bad. The priestesses heard Queen Kev crying every Fire Season when they left the tula, and each year more and more of them didn't come back. So when Prince Salinarg mustered the tribes to Runegate Fort, we asked Kev by gathering for a great divination. My aunt cast the stones. When they turned the color of blood and melted into the dirt, we had our answer. No Voronings went to Runegate, save the men we now call the Six Screaming Uroxi, whose ghosts we propitiate every Urox's Day.

After Runegate, the clansmen who maintained our guest house in Boldhome fought there, and most died when the moonbeam-riders landed, but Kinstraid the Issaries stayed alive by paying two years of his savings as ransom.

Twenty Years go, the Lunars won the war, and occupied Sartar. They closed down the Temples to Orlanth, levied taxes, and enslaved those they deemed criminals and rebels.

When Shepelkirt's spawn came to our vale they rode on tall horses with dark men atop them. Their gold-files marched down the King's Road, row after row of them. They came in their dozens and their hundreds until the hills themselves trembled underfoot.

In a calculated insult the red-men camped on the urn field. You look incredulous, but they did it for they have no shame and had not yet learned fear.

That night the Six Screaming Uroxi appeared and drove the redmen's horses mad. In the morn the demons danced and the standing stones on Three-Winds Hill were toppled. An iron-man with a thick beard summoned Chief Raskorleik to attend him. When Raskorleik refused, properly, three-score gold-clad warriors burned Voronsstead and placed Raskorleik's head on a pike. The red-man levied taxes upon us and declared Hjolti the Rash, Hruthman Night-dancer and Geuilda the Red outlawed. They were led off in chains and Kinstraid later learned sold as slaves.

We remembered Queen Kev's tellings from the past and prayed to Kero Fin and Vingkot for guidance. The priestess threw her stones and they lay quietly upon the ground. We accepted the God's wisdom and did bowed to the Empire's might.

But a day will come. The storm will rage free again and the Voroni will remember.

With no Orlanthi king on the throne of Sartar, many took the opportunity tosettle old grudges or steal land from neighbors. The tribes fell to fighting with each other. We wouldn't want to attack our neighbours but wanted to get something out of the situation and attacked Telmori.

10 years ago, many clan chieftains and tribal kings, led by the Vingan warrior Kallyr Starbrow, took part in a massive uprising against the Lunars. When Kallyr's emissaries came to us the ring called a moot and the emissaries were allowed to speak.

The bulls and most of the young warriors wanted to go to Kallyr the very same day, but the old and wise were not sure it was time yet. The women were also divided, some arguing that we follow the Vingan while others said we must think of the clan and sending our few warriors away was dangerous. We discussed long into the night, but could not decide on the first day.

We met again in moot on the second day and we asked the gods for guidance. But Orlanth was away and we were unable to hear Kev's silent whisper. Then Farad the Elmali stepped forward and said "I'll go".

When the time came, he went with half of our warriors to Kallyr. Almost no one returned alive, and Faros was exiled. This is why there are so few men here and why Elmal was left without a godi for so long.

Economic Speciality: Livestock

Temple: Uralda

Shrine: Orlanth

Other Popular Gods: Kero Fin Argan Argar Ernalda

Tula Size: 180 hides

Land Use Grain: 33% (60 hides) Livestock: 50% (90 hides) Hunting: 16% (30 hides)

Population: 750 Weaponthanes: 3 Fyrd: 225

Goals: Peace(5) Anti-Lunar(4) Justice(3)

[ Prosperity(3) Rebellion(3) Conquest(1) Learning(1) ]

Values: Novelty(5) Piety(4) Honor(3)

Wealth Rating: 13

Threat Rating: 10

Morale Rating: 12

Magic Rating: 16

Thralls: 22 Clan

Type: Peace

Lunar Relations: -1

Dragons: Positive

Enemies Ancient: Uz Recent: Uz

Neighbors: Raiding

Summary of Clan History:

We remember back to when Ernalda gathered the women to share in the abundance of the Earth. Our clanswomen helped Ernalda by doing the vessels in which the flax and geese were sacrificed. Ernalda consoled us by saying: "Do not fear, for one day I will find a husband who will avenge this dishonor, and free me from this unjust imprisonment." We joined Orlanth when he tamed his stormy brothers, laid down the laws, and founded the Storm Tribe. We joined the Snow Top Clan, led by Orlanth's mother, Kero Fin We fought our most telling battle against the Dark Tribe, who were the trolls. When Vingkot said to shelter the people of a ruined clan, we agreed, and made them slaves, and called them thralls. We followed Heort's teachings in the way of war and peace by taking this path: peace Our most importent allies were the trolls, who wanted us to call them Uz. When Lokamayadon came, we fought Lokamayadon ceaselessly, no matter how many of us were killed. When Arkat came, we fought against him -- we hate trolls! The Dragonkill war taught us that one setback shouldn't stop you from trying new things. We decided to settle Dragon Pass because the gods told us to do it. Recently, our worst threat has been the Uz, who thought you would be good to eat. We chose to form a tribe with these other clans because they had the best trade connections. We admired king Sartar because he united the tribal kings. When the Lunar missionaries first came, we took them as thralls. Over the course of many years of fighting the Lunar Empire, we fought honorably, but not insanely. When the Lunars won the war, we chose to bide our the time until a good day for rebellion came. While there was no Orlanthi king on the throne, many clans fought each other. we attacked the Telmori, who have never worshipped our gods. When Kallyr Starbrow sent emissaries for support of rebellion, we sent half of our warriors to fight. When the rebellion failed, and Temertain was placed on the throne, we chose exile.


April 8, 2001

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