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The Voroni Campaign

Veoslin Oltorson

Veoslin is a Heortling warrior descendant of Thadart the Not-Aramite. He often surprises with his speed and sinewy toughness. At the age of ten, Veoslin disemboweled a Tusk Rider. He nearly slew Kella Bullrider, and devoted himself to the iron-willed discipline of Hu the Humakti to earn back the clan’s respect. Veoslin has led stealthy raids and traveled Dragon Pass widely with Seven Skulls Bjorn, the war band leader who gave him the North Wind Cloak. He is intelligent and articulate; he can Drum Thunder and sings in a beautiful voice. Holmgang Gutjoral is his blood brother; he also has Kolati friends. Enent the Raven is his spirit ally.

Physical Abilities

Acute Hearing 17
Ambush 13
Beautiful Voice 13
Close Combat
Dagger, Fyrd Fighting, Sword and Shield, Spear and Shield, Twin Swords (+5)
Craft Weapon 17
Drumming 13
Hide in Cover 17
Quick 1W
Ranged Combat
Javelin, Dagger
Riding 17
Running 17
Sinewy 13
Stalk 13
Tough 13

Mental Abilities

Articulate 13
Detect Lie 17
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Know Local Area 13
Intelligent 13
Lead Warriors 13
Look Weak 13
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Humakt 17
Pray to Humakt 17
Perform Sacrifice 17
Recognise Foe 17
Sing 13
Stay Awake 17
Warband Tactics 13


Brave 17
Boastful 17
Hates Tusk Riders 13
Honorable 17
Iron Will 1W


Bloodthirsty 17
Inferiority complex 17
Reputation (Voroni): Vadrudi 13


to Voroni (member) 13
to Local Kolating (friendly) 13
to Mercenaries (friendly) 13
Reputation (Voroni): Dangerous 13
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Devotee of Hu the Swordsman 17
Initiate of Drum Thunder 13
Ally: Enent
Raven Daimone of Humakt
Bloodbrother: Gutjoral Hjoltisson 13
Patron/Mentor: Seven-Skulls Bjorn
Rebel leader


Combat 2W
Death 17
Honour 17
Drum Thunder 13

Big Spear 13
Darksense 13


Never Use Maces
+5 to twin sword combat
Remain Silent on Fire Day
+5 to Combat Affinity

Items of Note

Wealth 15
North Wind Cloak
Leather armour helmet, shield^3
Horse Spear^3, two swords^3, daggers^1, javelins^3

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