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Urakava the Warseer

Caul-born so marked as a seer and godi, keen-eyed Urakava was devoted to Kev at initiation. Her visions make her valuable to her tribe, chief, husband Jannorth, and son, Yavkret. Urakava's son-in-law is Mygan Teadrinker, noted Lawspeaker, who respects Urakava's wisdom.

Urakava knows the way to Kev's Cleft, and gained the Coppersnake there, though it angered the Malani weaponthanes.

Unafraid of any man, Urakava follows the fyrd to battle, bringing them luck. She knows the terrors of Lunar victory, so she generously aids all rebels who offer a token gift. The Wintertop Earth Singers pray for her.

Goals: Marry off son really well, grow closer to Ernalda and Kev, help to prevent some of the terrible visions of the future she has seen.

Physical Abilities

Born with a Caul 13
Close Combat
Dagger, Slap
Drumming 13
Follow Fyrd 13
Housework 13
Keen-Eyed 13
Luck-Bringer 13
Meaningful Glare 17
Missile Combat
Rock, Kitchen Implement
Spinning and Weaving 13

Mental Abilities

Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Ernalda's Realm Knowledge 13
Heortling Customs 13
Knowledge of Lunar Foes 13
Know Local Area 13
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Ernalda 17
Orate 17
Perform Sacrifice 17
Persuade 17
Pray to Kev the Queen 17
Seer 5w
Sense Gods Nearby 17
Sense Spirits Nearby 17
Wise 13


Unafraid of any Man 13
Generous 13
Just 17
Pious 17
Strong-Willed 17
Unmerciful to Enemies 17


Enemy: Malani Weaponthanes 13
Dependent: Enzi Greylocks - Mother (Senile 10, Sleep 8) 13


to Voroni (member) 13
to Family 13
to Ernalda Temple 17
to rebel bands 13
to Wintertop Earth Singers 13
to tribe 13
to daughter's clan 13
to followers 13
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Devote of Kev the Queen 17
Follower: Yavkret Bright
Initiate of Destor, Warrior (her son)
Ally: Jannorth Raidluck
Husband: Finovani 4w, Warrior 2w
Ally: Mygan Teadrinker
Clan lawspeaker and son-in-law
Lawspeaker 6w, Contacts 1w
Ally: Esdre Peaceweaver
Daughter, Godi 1w, Devotee of Orventili 19)
Patron: Chief Martika 13


Discern Truth, Know Results, Resist Madness, See Visions Clearly, Understand Motivations, Understand Omens
Earth Queen
Command Earth, Command Earth Daimon, Dismiss Earth Elemental, Exorcise Earth Spirit, Enchant Copper ritual, Summon Earth Daimon, Perceive OtherWorld, Stop Conflict
Find Another Way
Calm Anger, Create Ring, Rally Women, Shame Husband, Stop Argument, Think of the Children

Items of Note

Wealth 15
Copper Snake
... 1W
Token Gifts, Ritual Equipment & clothing, small house, garden plot

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May 22, 2001

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