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The Voroni Campaign

The Voronlings

The player characters in the Voroni.

Beveni Beveni - Larry

Beveni is a 41 year-old herder that worships Finovan and Drum Thunder. He was born in 1580. Beveni has relationships to his siblings and other herders. Beveni is of medium hight and build, with sandy hair and beard. He has a ready smile. Think Kenneth Branough in any of his shakespearian rolls. Beveni belongs to the Vorlonthing bloodline.

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Bolthor Vandarlsson - Otto

Bolthor is a 26 year-old farmer who worships Orlanthcarl and Ohorlanth. He has a low, dark voice and is a hard worker, keen on drinking ale. He deals with everything very simply and straightforwardly. Bolthor's father, Vandarl Goodrain, is the priest of Orlanth in the clan. His younger brothers Jarstan and Orlkar follow his lead. Bolthor has a gigantic figure with a thick dark beard and wears a cowhide hat. Fidel Castro meets Juha Mieto for real world comparison. He lives at Hard Plowerstead, belongs to the Gunthoring bloodline and socialises with the Stead warband.

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Danila Martikasdottir Danila Martikasdottir - Jane

Danila is 28, a warrior and worshiper of Vinga and Drum Thunder. She suffers from the death sickness and thinks that she's dead. She is badly scarred and acts really strangly! Danila is the daughter of Chief Martika - who is a very disappointed mother.

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Gustav Proudbeard Gustav Proudbeard - Graeme

Gustav Proudbeard is around 50 years-old. He is a steadholder, worshiper of Durev and a respected juror. Gustav is a retired warrior and retired Drum Thunder follower. He is outspoken and very traditional. Gustav's favourite quote: "It was good enough for my father, it was good enough for my father's father and by Orlanth's beard its good enough for you." He considers war childish and is very patient in extracting his own revenge. He has a fierce temper when roused. He has a wife, 5 children and two previous year-wives. He willing shelters people in his hall. Think of Brian Blessed.

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Gutjoral Hjoltisson Holmgang-Gutjoral - Wesley

Gutjoral Hjoltisson, called Holmgang, is a 26 year-old warrior and troll-slayer. He worships Vingkot the Champion and Drum Thunder. Gutjoral is a renown holmgang fighter and is well respected for his wisdom and advice. He carries a massive iron axe. Gutjoral makes friends easily and people find his friendly manner easy to like. He is free with his wealth. Gutjoral is rumoured to have contacts among Argrath's rebels and is a sworn blood-brother of Veoslin and Karkorg Dire-Maul. He is in love with, and loved by, Rangheilda from a neighbouting clan. Gutjoral is tall and strong with a long, braided red beard tied with bluesilk ribbons. He has piercing green eyes and a loud, easy laugh. Gutjoral is of the Vorlonthi bloodline and is part of the Stead warband.

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Harmast Thrallsson Harmast Thrallson - Thom

Harmast, called Stormborn, is 26 years-old. He is a Godi of Yavor Thunderous and Drum Thunder. He is ambitious, brave, proud (sometimes arrogant) and moody at times. He is known as a powerful magician and aspiring warrior. Harmast left the clan under mysterious circumstances and returned a year or so ago as a skilled poet. He hates the Lunars (who killed his father), loves his mother (a thrall in his adopted stead and bloodline), has a patron, a follower (initiate of Finovan) and an umbroli follower (minor storm daimon). He looks like Antonio Banderas (with a close cropped-beard - as Yavor is often depicted - not unlike the 13th warrior cover). [The exotic appearance may reflect Horse-Spawn or Venrefi blood on his mother's side] He lives on the Hard Plowerstead, belongs to the Gunthoring bloodline and is part of the Stead warband.

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Hindina Kedrasdottir - John

Hindina Kedradotter, called Snow Leaper, is a 25 year-old warrior that worships Vinga the Avenger and Rigsdal. She is compassionate and a gifted speaker but is suspicious, argumentative and often distant. She is unpopular in the clan because of her ambivalence towards Queen Kallyr. Some of her breaths have been stolen and both husbands are dead. Despite her unpopularity, she is trusted by most of the women. Hindina is passionate about the clan's safety. She is distant to her children and has a multi-faceted rivalry with Kenstral. There is an ongoing Elmal/Vinga rivalry with Jaros. Hindina has thick silver hair worn in wife's braids; her topknot is dyed a vivid red. Inspiration: Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls in appearance and gravelly, distinctive voice. One eye slightly lazy. Hindina lives on the Snow Top stead, is of the Vorlonthing bloodline and is part of the Stead warband.

Character Sheet | Relations to Other Heroes

Jadag Mantorson - Jon

Jadag Mantorson, called many things, fool being one of the more polite, is a 19 ex-hunter who has been claimed by Eurmal. He lies, cheats and tricks; is lazy and never around when you want (to beat) him. Jadag talks to birds and animals; he is accompanied by an alynx and a raven. He speaks many languages (when he wants to). He can enhance (or disrupt) ritual and other magic. Jadag is Promise Bound to Martika the Chieftainness and thus is protected by her and, nominally, obeys her orders. He is an ally/rival of Jeminka the ring's trickster. Jadag does not want her place on the ring. He is dirty with ragged clothes - looks like a stickpicker. He carries a mirror, a raven feather, a bag of plant extracts and other weird stuff. HE is sort of like Baldric from BlackAdder I (on the way down rather than up). Jadag is of the Vorlonthing bloodline.

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Jaros Faradsson - Bo

Jaros Faradsson is a 26 year-old warrior, horse breeder and godyr. He is a devotee of Elmal Steadguard. Jaros speaks in short sentences and in a low voice. He thinks before he acts (usually). Jaros has an irritating Daimone, Old Hawk, who is very critical of everyone it meets. Jaros is very loyal to the clan and dangerously protective of his sister, Kella Bullrider (who doesn't need the protection). He has a rivalry with Hindina Kedradotter, the Vingan. Jaros and Veoslin are cautious about each other for the Humatki is fancied by Kella. Jaros is tall and blond, good looking. He has a short beard (resembles the Yelmalions on the cover of Sun County - though taller and slimmer). He is of the Gunthoring bloodline and is part of the Stead warband.

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Kenstral the Brewer Kenstral the Brewer - Roderick

Kenstral is about 40. He is a brewer and worshiper of Minlister and Drum Thunder. Kenstral is conservative and fun to be around except that he's a mean drunk. He is a "Good Ol' Boy"; the kind of guy that would have a shotgun and a dawg, but since we're Heortlings, he has a huntin' bow and a blue-tick gavrening alynx. Kenstral is close toh is family and other, like-minded conservatives. He is pursuing a place on the ring. He has dark hair & beard and is "large framed" (ahem). HE is probably the strongest in the clan at lifting/carrying (though not at punching!). Kenstral wears the Heortling equivalent of old faded overalls and a "John Deere" hat (old patched tunic & hose and a floppy hat). He is of the Vorlonthing bloodline.

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Korol Halfhand Korol Halfhand - Gareth

Korol Halfhand is a 49 year-old retired weaponthane. Now he is an advisor to the Clan Ring. Korol is missing 2 fingers off of his left hand and his left eye. He has a proud bearing, a grey-white beard and moustache, bright blue-and-white checked robe and silver pin. His is close to his children Aslander and Jarang Boartusk but he also has active social relationships with the clan Ring, thanes and the Chieftain. Think Donald Sutherland playing a Wotan role. Kenstral is of the Gunthoring bloodline.

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Malygris the Lawspeaker - Keith

Malygris the Lawspeaker is rumoured to be 70 years-old. He is a lawspeaker with a greybeard and worships Old Man Voron, He has made a life-time of study of military history. Malygris has a terrible eye and a fierce anger. He is scornful, harsh and bitter: a crazy old sage. Handrasyr is a former pupil; Mygan Tea-Drinker is a rival. PIcture Christopher Lee with a long beard, ash smeared, clad in tattered clothes. Malgyris lives in a solitary lodge on the edge of the tula.

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Oddi - Roderick

Oddi is a stickpicker of unknown age. He was a foundling and wants to be a hero. Oddi has not been called by any god but never lets his stick, called "Stick", out of his grasp. He talks to an invisible/undetectable friend "No Budge" and seems to get real answers from it. Oddi looks young, thin and not yet grown to his full measure. He herds and lives with (and thus smells like) goats.

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Urakava the Warseer - Mike

Urakava the Warseer is a 33 year-old weaver & godi of Kev the Queen. Her hair has prematurely gone completely grey contrasting with a still young-looking face. She has a stare to kill rabbits with and has an animate magic snake made out of bright copper. She has a husband, Yannorth Raidluck, a on, Yavkret Bright, a daughther, Esdre Peaceweaver and a son-in-law, Mygan Teadrinker. She is respected by the clan chief and gives shelter and aid to any rebel warband that needs it. She is grey haired, average build, with a witchy eye for those who anger her. Still, she doesn't purposely scare her kinsmen for no reason, and knows how to laugh and even tell a joke. Urakava lives at Vorlon's Echo, belongs to the Vorlonthing bloodlien and is part of the Stead warband.

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Veoslin Olthorsson - Reiner

Veoslin Oltorsson is a 19 year-old warrior and devotee of Humakti. He is articulate, but overly intense. He broods and hates Tusk Riders; Thadart, an ancestor, was captured by them and physically transformed. Veoslin has sworn to grow no beard until he earns back a place of respect in his clan. Veosling is regarded with suspicion by most of clan for almost killing Kella Bullrider during a berserk rage, and for his general violent tendencies. Holmgang-Gutjoral is his blood brother. Veoslin's brother is Orlman "Biff" the Dense. Veoslin looks more like a farmer than warrior. He is slight of build with short black hair and brown eyes that often have dark circles, offset against his pale white skin. He favours brown and green colours that blend well in the woods. Modelled on Wednesday Adams (Adams family movies). Veoslin is of the Gunthoring bloodline and is part of the Travelling warband.

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