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Many fear the terrible glint in the ancient eye of Malygris, and his fierce anger. Clad in tatters, all his baleful wisdom, all his curious erudition and martial lore, the respect of his protege, Handrasyr Onehand, do little to assuage his bitter ignominy. The long beard of a lawspeaker, sharp features smeared in the ash of immolated bones, he lurks at the edges of the tula, carrying the Ebon Staff and the Talion Drum, entreating Greybeard and Old Man Voron for tenebrous portents, seeking dragon lore from past ages. He speaks harsh scorn for Mygan Teadrinker, with strong conviction.

Goals: Revenge on Mygan, at least get dragon lore secret from him. Restore respect to the clan. Discover ancient dragon wisdom to defeat Sedenya.

Physical Abilities

Bone Ash Smearing 13
Close Combat
Spear and Shield
Craft Writing Supplies 17
Disguise 17
Drumming 13
Emphatic Gestures 17
Fearsome Eye 13
Hide in Cover 17
Long Beard 13
Lurk at Edge of Tula 5W
Move Stealthily 17
Seduction 17
Sharp Features 13

Mental Abilities

Get Foe's Measure 17
Know Trivia 17
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Read Heortling 17
Read Auld Wyrmish 17
Write Heortling 17
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Lhankor Mhy 17
Myths: Light Bringers 13
Write Auld Wyrmish 17
Detect Emotion 17
History: Heortling 17
Law: Heortling 17
Speak with Authority 17
Speak Harsh Scorn 13
Speak with Conviction 13
Baleful Wisdom 13
Ancient Dragon Lore 13
Curious Erudition 13
Martial Lore 1W


to Voroni (member) 13
to Voroni Ring 17
to Temple 17
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Initiate of Lhankor Mhy 17
Initiate of Old Man Voron 17
Patron: Handrasyr 13
Adversary: Mygan Tea-Drinker 13


Interpret Tenebrous Portent
Law 17
Literacy 17
Wisdom 17


Fierce Anger 13
Bitter Ignominy 13
Ancient 13

Items of Note

Wealth 10
Talion Drum 1W
Ebon Staff 13
Quills, scrolls, books

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May 22, 2001

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