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Jaros Faradsson

Far-seeing Jaros, speaks for God
Sun-Blooded warrior of the Winter Thane.
Traveled east with
exiled Angtyr, brother of his heart.

Quick Jaros, served the Duke
for seasons five and left his child
Found his father
in the city giants built.

Tall Jaros, betrayed by brother
left the ruins with a Golden Feather
Elf-friend fought the Uz
Dusk-sent Visions called him home

Wealthy Jaros, horse thane
rides on Prancing Wind.
Sunshine taught the Song of Dawn
Well-loved sister aids her kin

Quiet Jaros found Old Hawk
and wields the Blue Matarka
He joined The Cleansing Sun
with Myara by his side.

Goals: Jaros wants to settle down and raise horses, find a good wife and serve Elmal and the Clan while he waits for the call to throw the Lunars out.

Physical Abilities

Acute Hearing 17
Close Combat
Spear and Shield, Fyrd Combat, Sword and Shield
Drumming 13
Endure Pain 17
Farming 13
Far-Seeing 13
Hide in Cover 17
Horse Herding 13
Quick 1w
Ranged Combat
Knife, Javelin
Riding 17
Running 17
Strong 13
Sun-Blooded 13
Tall 13

Mental Abilities

Design and Build Fortifications 17
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Know Local Area 13
Know Pavis 13
Know Big Rubble 13
Know Aldryami 13
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Elmal 17
Perform Sacrifice 17
Pray to Elmal 17
Recognise Foe 17
Sense Gods Nearby 17
Sense Spirits Nearby 17
Stay Awake 17
Tactics: Defensive 17
Tactics: Uz 13
Travelled East 13
Wisdom 17


Boastful 17
Brave 17
Loyal 13
Loyal to Martika 17
Pious 17
Quiet 13
Steadfast 13


Dislike Yelmalians 14
Hate Uz 13
Left Neerola and Meiran in Weis 17
Over-protective of Sisters 17


to Voroni (member) 13
to Family 13
to Martika 17
to Elmal Shrine 17
to Cleansing Sun (rebel band) 13
to Neerola (mother of his child) 13
to Elves of the Garden 13
to Sunshine 13
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Devote of Elmal Hearthguard 17
Follower: Myara the Loyal
Initiate of Redalda, Ride, Secretly in love with Jaros but resigned: 13
Follower: Prancing Wind
Warhorse, smart
Ally: Farad Blue Shield
Ally: Kella Bullrider
Sister, Chalan Arroy healer
Follower: Old Hawk
Initiate of Elmal, Peck at Eyes, Be annoyingly solar in a windy sort of way: 13
Ally: Duke Raus
a lord near in Pavis County
Patron: Sangtyr Sees-Far
Elmal Godthane of the Brown Horse
Adversary: Angtyr
Dependent: Ketil Horse Boy


Blazing Spear, Brilliant Shield, Fight Chaos, Fight Uz, Unfaltering Defense, Multiple Javelin Throw, Unbreakable Spear
Dazzling Flash, Illuminate Surroundings, Resist Darkness, See in Darkness, Unquenchable Light
Defend Wall, Endure Wound, Hold Portal, Stand Fast

Dawn Song 13
Visions 13

Items of Note

Has a fine herd of horses
Blue Martarka
Shield, Stand Fast 17
Yellow Feather
Shapechange to Hawk 13
Leather armour, helm ^3
Spear^3, Dagger^1, Sword^3, horse

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May 22, 2001

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