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The Voroni Campaign

Hindina Snow Leaper

Hindina, Snow Leaper
Patience and wisdom

Hindina, Spear Leaper
Knows soft words of peace

Arrowstorm daughter
Impasionned word-weaver

Hindina, long-travelled,
made forest her hearthstone,

Defender of Women
Haunted by husbands

Watcher in darkness
To star song she listens

Wind Weaver, her birth-right
Hears what the Wind will








Vinga's Proud Daughter
Tongue sharp as spear!

keen-eyed avenger
and the harsh howl of war!

Homeland Defender
the wild moot to sway.

close hunted, ne'er captured
Wilderness, friend.

Hard voice of compassion
Revenge still burns strong.

Rigsdal companions
on Palisade proud.

black silver bracelet
Sees what it sees.

Goals: Protect clan, complete vengeance vows, find missing husband, find sense of acceptance and belonging.

Physical Abilities

Acute Hearing 17
Close Combat
Spear and Shield, Fyrd Combat, Sword
Drumming 13
Hide in Cover 17
Keen-Eyed 13
Night Vision 13
Ranged Combat
Riding 17
Running 17
Run on Snow 13
Spear Leap 13
Spinning and Weaving 13

Mental Abilities

Cajole Warriors 13
Evade Pursuers 13
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Know Local Area 13
Know Keldon Lands 13
Live Off Land 13
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Orlanth 17
Myths: Rigsdal 13
Recognise Foe 17
Stay Awake 17


Boastful 13
Brave 13
Compassionate 13
Loyal to Chief 17
Passionate 17
Patient 13


to Voroni (member) 13
to Family 13
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Devotee of Vinga the Avenger 17
Initiate of Rigsdal 13
Follower: Roitini (niece)
Flirt, Blush
Follower: Wind Weaver (daimone)
Wander, Perceive
Patron: Chief Priestess 13


Deadly Spear Throw, Fight against Rapist, Fight against Uz, Leaping Shield, Mile Javelin Throw, Spear Help
Burst of Speed, Dodge Missiles, Leap over Water, Run on Treetop, Run upon Snow
Inspire Non-combatants
Follow Me, Last Ditch Effort, Now Iím Angry, Surprise Yourself, There is Always a Way
Hear Any Sound, Identify Traitor, Night Vision, See Far, Sleep with One Eye Open

Hear Star Song 13


Say What You Think 13
Reputation: Rival to Kenstral 17
Enemy: Adorai Matesh (Priestess of Sedenya) 17
Ambivalence: Queen Kallyr 17
Dependant: Children (distant) 17

Items of Note

Wealth 15
Leather armour, helm and shield^3, spear^3, dagger^1, sword^3, horse, javalins^3

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May 22, 2001

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