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Harmast Stormborn

Sired by a stickpicker, Harmast Stormborn, the sacred breath singer. Thrall child, dark thunder called him, three-fold and three-signed, guarded by greatness, and gladdened by kin. Skilled at swordplay, sure-footed, and swift-handed, he kens the clan plowsong, the catching of creekfish, and calling of cattle. A wielder of words, wind-flown and warrior-wyrded - known to be wise in war. Yellow-cloud quester in youth he was yielded magic by Yavor. Aided by umbroli, always armoured in air, he is the star-charm bearer, thunder-chosen, Finovan follows him, to defeat the false thunderers.

Physical Abilities

Acute Hearing 13
Catch creek fish 13
Close Combat
Spear and Shield, Fyrd Combat, Sword and Shield, Dagger
Drumming 13
Endure Weather 13
Farming 13
Hide in Cover 17
Ranged Combat
Dagger, Javelin
Riding 13
Running 13
Sure-footed 13
Swift-handed 13

Mental Abilities

Call Cattle 13
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Initiate to Orlanth Thunderous 17
Know Local Area 13
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Orlanth 1W
Myths: Thunder Brothers 17
Perform Sacrifice 17
Poetry 13
Pray to Orlanth 17
Predict Weather 17
Recognise Foe 13
Sense Gods Nearby 17
Sense Spirits Nearby 17
Stay Awake 13


Ambitous 13
Boastful 13
Brave 13
Dynamic 15
Hate Lunar Gods 17
Loyal to Handrasyr 13
Pious 17
Proud 17


to Voroni (member) 17
to Temple (voroni orlanth) 17
to Family 13
to warband 13
to Adopted Bloodline 13
to Clan Priest (Vandarl GoodRain) 17
to Great Orlanth 17
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Devotee of Yavor Lightning 17
Initiate of Drum Thunder 13
Follower: Davrik Two Bear
Initiate of Finovan, Black Bear
Follower: Broken Storm
Carry Ally, Proective Winds


Call clouds, Gentle Rain, Start Thunderstorm, Storm Voice
Command Air Daimones, Drive Away Clouds, Raise Wind, Lower Wind, Snatch Breath, Still Whirlwind, Turn Wind
Ball Lightning, Blinding Flash, Dodge Thrown Weapon, Lightning Fast Strike, Shatter Tree, Throw Lightning Javelin
Drum Thunder
Scare Away Chaos, Signal Troll Friends, Skin Thed ritual

Darksense 13
Plowsong 13

Stornborn 13


Low Birth 13
Dependant: Soralda, Aged Mother/Thrall
Initiate of Eninta, Be Motherly

Items of Note

Wealth 15
Leather armour, helm and shield^3, spear^3, dagger^1, sword^3, javalins^3
religious paraphernalia

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May 22, 2001

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