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Holmgang-Gutjoral was a fearsome warrior and godyr from the Voronlings. He was Hjolti’s son and fostered by Cwicca the Gruff. Sky-born, At his initiation Gutjoral was storm-marked. He worshipped Vingkot the Champion and Drum Thunder.

Gutjoral was a tall man, strong, good looking and lucky in friends. He possessed a quick tongue and great wisdom. Gutjoral’s advice was respected for he knew the law-staves and negotiated well.

Gutjoral bore Fire-Bane, an iron troll-killing axe. He served his chieftain, the First Storm and Maniskisson. Karkorg Dire-Maul names him blood-brother. Rangheilda owned his heart. The surviving Hrorikssons’ were feud-foes.

He was gold-gifted and loved by all.

Physical Abilities

Acute Hearing 17
Close Combat
Spear and Shield, Axe and Shield, Fyrd Combat, Holmgang fighting, Sword and Shield
Dodge Attack 17
Drumming 13
Farming 13
Good Looking 13
Jump 17
Hide in Cover 17
Ranged Combat
Hatchet, Javelin
Riding 17
Running 17
Strong 13
Tall 13

Mental Abilities

Give Advice 13
Boast 17
Brew Woad 17
Goegraphy: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Heortling Law 13
Initiate to Vingkot 17
Know Local Area 13
Know Troll Tactics 17
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Orlanth 17
Myths: Thunder Brothers 17
Negotiate 13
Perform Sacrifice 17
Pray to Vingkot 17
Quick Tongue 13
Recognise Foe 17
Sense Ambush 17
Sense Change in Weather 17
Sense Gods Nearby 17
Sense Spirits Nearby 17
Stay Awake 17
Wisdom 1w


Active 17
Brave 17
Loyal to Leader 17
Fearsome 13
Pious 17
Proud 17
Responsible 17


to Voroni (member) 17
to Temple (voroni orlanth) 17
to Hjolti (father) 13
to Rangheilda (arrowstorm, beloved) 13
to First Storm (rebel band, member) 13
to Argrath Maniskisson (loyal) 13
Lucky in Friends 13
Loved by All 13
Respected (by Voroni) 13
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Initiate of Vingkot the Champion 17
Initiate of Drum Thunder 13
Follower: Karkorg Dire-Maul
Troll Warrior, Drummer
Ally: Cwicca the Gruff
Foster father, thegn in the Arrowstorm
Patron: Martika
Voroni Chief


Aid throw with wind, Armour of Woad, Enchant Silver ritual, Flickering Blade,m Leaping Shield, Overbear foe, axe help
Burst of Speed, Leap over Obstacle, Run on Mud, Run up cliff, sunset leap | Night Jumping, Run in Darkness
Fight Trolls
Break Bludgeon, Bright Spear, Cripple Troll, Enchant Iron ritual, Scatter Shadows, See in Dark, Tooth-shattering Armour
Drum Thunder 13

Darksense 13

Sky-born 13
Storm-Marked 13


Feud with the Hrorikssons 13
Son of a rebel 13
Over-confident 13

Items of Note

Wealth 5W
Iron ^6
Quench Fire 13
Leather armour, helm and shield^3
Spear^3, Dagger^1, Hatchet^2

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May 22, 2001

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