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The Voroni Campaign

Friends of the Voronlings

Here are some of the Voroni clan's friends.

Cwicca the Gruff - A thegn in the Arrowstorm clan.

Gutjoral Hjoltisson's foster father. Bloodbrother to Hjolti the Rash.

Grak Eats-Rock - Troll Warrior

These are the three Uz who are guesting with Chief Martika. While they eat what 3 men would require each, they're each great fighters who fight as good as 5 Fyrdmen. Of course, their Enlo are kept in the Enlo pen that is kept a distance from the stead for Uz guests, and for Uz, they have an excellent understanding of Heortling culture and are half-heortling themselves (although the Yarabing does not have a Ring or anything like that... Any Orlanth cultists amongst them are regarded as a husband of Kyger Litor!)

Grak Eats Rocks likes to hunt Mostali. He complains that there are no Mostali around here. He's also trying to worship the Niskis the Lover subcult, since it has strong powers of Orlanthi fertility and is part of the ongoing effort to curb the Curse of Kin.

Karkorg Dire-Maul - Troll Singer who is the blood brother of Holmgang-Gutjoral.

Currently guesting with the Chieftainess in a cave near her stead (kept for Drum Thunder visitors). He has a beautiful, lilting singing voice along with his usually gravelly sounding Uz snarl. Usually friendly and cheerful, for an Uz. He is currently part of the Chieftainess' warband.

Karkorg is a singer, and has been learning human love songs. "I want a gift for mother when I go home. If I change a few words, I can show her how much I love her."

Rangheilda Warm-Stalker - a hunter from the Arrowstorm and beloved of Gutjoral.

Rangheilda is the 19 year old daughter of a pair of stickpickers in the Arrowstorm. She is an initiate of Yinkin, and had supports her family by hunting. Gutjoral's father, Hjolti, thinks that he can do far better than this. "Where is the dowry?" He's asked, and Rangheilda brought to their stead in response two fat stags and a pile of maten furs. Both Gutjoral's father and mother have several other girls who would be much better political matches with the touchy folk of the Arrowstorm, but it's clear she wants Gutjoral. "You were the only one who looked at me with soft eyes," She tells him, aside from her four legged cousins. The stead Alynx yowl with joy when Rangheilda comes to visit, and Gutjoral's sleeping platform is full of cats when she comes over to the stead. Warm, but furry!

Tongi Elf-Chaser- Troll Trader

Tongi Elf Chaser wants to eat Aldryami, but the only elf he's eaten has been on a plate at Thunderbreath's in Dagori Inkarth. He's also a superb cook for human food. "The beef has to be spiced just so, you see." He always brings gifts of mushrooms by the basketful when he arrives. He's an Argan Argar and only worships the Drum Thunder communally, but regards human culture as fun and exotic. He also some times gifts you with exiles and rebels he's bought as slaves. He doesn't like Lunars, and always refers to Shepelkrt as Gbaji. "Light and Darkness shouldn't be mixed", he says.

More to come. CB

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May 23, 2001

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