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Foes of the Voronlings

Garvad Burning Rock - Chief of the Red Stones

He is the chief of the Red Stone Clan. An initiate of Hedkoranth, this man is an enemy, but not a particularly bad one. While you can expect a Red Stone raid at least once a season, he always invites prisoners to feast with him in his hall, and honors all negotiations for ransom. It's obviously his way of mocking "The frightened children of old man Voron," But he and his clan has as of yet not broken any Orlanthi laws in dealing with you. He's plainly stated that if you were to enter into a tribute relationship with his Clan, raiding would cease. "But, you seem to want to have what few warriors you have get some exercise against my men, although a paltry challenge they are. You even need Uz to fight for you!" But, the sense is that he'd much rather prefer a raiding target that fights back.

His clan marched in the Starbrow rebellion, and are also defiantly anti-lunar. That's what makes the Lunar Missionaries present so strange. Normally, he hires his men, a group of Hedkoranth worshippers called the Great Weighties, out to guard caravans and fight chaos, but work for his clan has been getting thinner and thinner as of late, so the raiding has increased. Some on the Ring suspect that he may be buckling under the pressure, and that the women of his clan are pushing him towards conversion, a pattern similar to what has occured in Tarsh.

More to come. CB

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May 23, 2001

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