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The Voroni Campaign

The Voronlings

Here are some of the people in the Voroni clan.

Here are a few NPC's who are commonly known in the Clan.

Anakela The Rutter - Priestess of Uralda

While not a member of the Ring, Anakela is one if the guardians of your wealth. She is the chief priestess of the Temple that you have built to Uralda on stead grounds. This is fairly recent for you, having built the temple upon the clan's recent (1300's) return to Dragon Pass after the Dragonkill. While not quite as grand as the Great Bull temple of the Fat Cows (who, up until the Lunar invasion, also had that temple as a major Urox center), your Uralda Corral is quite a potent holy place. Your cows are some of the healthiest and most fecund around, due to your Clan's potent worship of the Cow mother.

Anakela just ascended to the position. She's called the rutter since she's had each of her 4 children to a different year husband, and they're all fostered out at different steads. In each case, they have all been Underhusbands, although each man has had luck with his cows after the year marraige and was satisfied beyond belief. She is currently unmarried, and her bed has been the learning place of many young men in the Clan. She is in her 27th summer. Clear blue eyes and ringlets of pitch black hair flow down to her back. She has her share of admirers, but is looking for "That one bull who will satisfy my heart, and all else." Her cheery laugh and bright eyes lend mirth and joy to whatever stead she stays at. In fire season, she leads the Cow Girls (Uralda Initiates) in the Tail and Horn dance, where Urox wooed Uralda. She blesses the bulls and hiefers in the dance, and the position of Urox is much sought after amongst unmarried men.

On Urox day, she takes the sacrifices out to the Urn fields for the 6 screaming Uroxi, alone. No one knows what happens, but she always returns battered, cut and bruised. But, she always mutters, "They are appeased."

One disturbing word has reached her and is circulating amongs the Clan. In the northern reaches by Adari and Far Point, the Lunars are trying to mate Uralda to a foreign bull god, Turos. As Storm Bull worship is being suppressed, it's hard to find candidates for Uralda's mate during certain critical ceremonies that require a Urox cultist (lucky for you that the Clan has one.) These foreign Turos cultists are trying to take Urox's place in the rites, and some Lunar convert clans are trying to heighten their cattle wealth with such measures. Some whisper that this may be a Lunar plot to Heroquest against Urox, and to subjugate Uralda. This really has Anakela worried.

Berek Broogutter - Weaponthane

These are the 3 fully supported Clan Weaponthanes. Berek Broogutter is one of the few Clan Uroxi, and has been to Snakepipe Hollow on HeroQuest. That minor quest brought back the secret of the 5th Fell Sign, an anti-chaos secret of a fallen god. He has yet to see how it works against Lunar Magic, but he says that the 5th fell sign has warded off the Chaos Spirits of attacking Broos, and is proof against their magic. He's whip thin, small, and spends most of his time drunk, but he roars into a cyclone of carnage when the Bull comes down upon him. He's also very kind to children, always giving them gifts. When Veosin went into his rage and Kella had to sing him to calm, he worked fervently to bring him into the worship of the Bull. Vandarl said, however, that "Veosin would have become Urain. Humakt is well by him."

Bolthor Blabbermouth - Old Man Voron

Initiate of Orlanthcarl Thunderous and Ohorlanth, also worships the Old Man Voron subcult. People call him "speak up!" since he slips into a whisper when he tells the old stories. Otherwise, he keeps his own counsel. 60 years old, this grandpa still pushes the plow and dances down the rain, body smeared with Woad. During a drought, he once called down Heler's rains with a gesture and a wink to the clouds. Some say he's the most powerful magician in the Clan. He takes the position of Flesh Man on the ring, playing Voron's role during Sacred Time ceremonies.

Darsh Helmfall - Weaponthane

These are the 3 fully supported Clan Weaponthanes. Darsh Helmfall is the oldest, and serves as the West Wind for Chief Martika. Just elevated into the position, Darsh is a Destor man who's father is Jenerk Onion Breath. He made his name by Mercenary work and guesting at other clans, and has many friends on Starfire ridge.

Durval Gentlehand - A Chalana Arroy Healer

Priest of Chalana Arroy. Durval is a tough old man who can outwrestle even the Clan's Weaponthanes, and peacefully restrain most drunks... Most are sure he taught his skills to Kella Bullrider. He's 70, certainly a grandfather, and was present in the birthing house to assist the Ernaldans in bringing all of you into the world and taking your first breath. Some swear that they can remember that first meaty smack on their rears.

When he tells tales of those lost in the wars, it brings tears to most. When asked about the Red Goddess, he says that she needs surgery, to excise the Chaos from her. Kella Bullrider, his assistant, looks to be his heir for the spot on the Clan Ring.

Esdre Peaceweaver - Initiate of Orvintilli the Mother,

She is the daughter and assistant of Urakava the Seer (Mike Dawson's PC). She is the wife of Mygan Teadrinker. She is the Clan Gossip, and knows all the dirt, so to speak, since she spends most of her time weaving, in the Loom House. Currently pregnant with her first child.

Handrasyr OneHand- Clan Champion

Sword of Humakt, Clan Warlord and Champion. One of the few martial men in a largely peace loving clan, this relatively young man was 14 when men from the Voroni marched in Starbrow's rebellion. One of the few survivors who was not exiled, Handrasyr provides a warrior's presence that is not so offensive to the Lunars. He lost a hand to a Lunar scythe, and now has his shieldboy attach a specially made shield to his right stump, and has learned how to fight left handed. Not a man of many words, he does however maintain contact with many of the clan exiles in Pavis who work in mercenary companies such as Holburn's Axe Brothers, via the Pavis Humakt Temple. When a drum thunder troll band comes rumbling through, usually one or two of the Uz come to him for private ceremonies to Humakt. Some of the Wooden Sword Uz reside in the Yarabing, and travel to Handrasyr on certain holy days. Handrasyr is a member of the Effordar Blackhands subcult of Humakt, or Humakt the Leader. When the Red Stone and other enemies raid, he uses superior position and tactics and carefully applied force to cut enemy forces apart like a surgeon. He even studies translations of battle manuals written by the Lunars and Westerners.

"They beat Tarsh, so they know some tricks. But they're slaves. Every single one of them. You're all free men. When free men join together and *choose* to obey, they're unbeatable. A disciplined Orlanthi army is undefeatable! Remember, we beat the Horse Riders who conquered them, back long ago in the days of the Dawning. Humakt's other rune is truth and knowledge. Pay attention. Learn."

Handrasyr grumbles about the time he's given to train the Fyrd, and he definitely wants more weaponthanes, and more of the lads and lasses initiated into the Fighting cults. The small Clan Armory contains small shrines to the various Heortling Martial deities, including the martial Orlanth subcults, although these get hidden when the Lunar Assayers come around. He maintains this martial shrine at his own expense.

Jarstan The Knowing (Initiate of Andrin Allfather)

A Clan Lawspeaker, usually works as a Herder when not working as a local Juror. Refuses all Gifts or returns in kind, also known as Jarstan the Fencesitter for being "too damn fair." Is a cousin to and lives on the stead of Bolthor Vandarllson. Wife is Kalma the Portly and has 7 children.

Jaminka Littlemouse - Trickster

The Clan Trickster, she is Promise Bound to Chief Martika. Originally a kid whom everyone thought was cute and charming, Jeminka reputedly stole her entire dowry for when she was supposed to be married, and that the groom to be from the Arrowstorm found 3 live chickens and a sticky mess in the spot next to him where Jeminka should have been. Whenever the harvest is bad, Jeminka gets blamed, since she knows the secret of turning into a mouse. Usually, the woman gets caught, tarred and feathered, all the time wailing that her small family needed to eat too!

When the signs looked bad for Jadag, and Bolthor and Vandarl were trying to chase the Trickster out of him, she stomped up and down and said, "he's mine!" A swarm of mice erupted from everywhere, filling the clan temple with mice, and Jeminka made off Jadag. Now, the Clan has two Tricksters. While they make the magic powerful, having two Tricksters in a clan makes life interesting. Jadag is in a Promise Bond as well to Chief Martika. A chore to some and a pleasure to others is "beating duty" on Jadag and Jeminka, when the two get out of hand.

Needless to say, the little mouse, a woman of 30 summers, fills the Trickster position on the Ring.

Kella Bullrider - Devotee of Chalana.

Healer who sang Veosin back to calm. Sister of Jaros Faradson, tough, sharp, smart and charismatic. Her mentor is old Durval, the Clan Healer, a Priest of Chalana Arroy (Arroin subcult). She hates the Lunars, and wishes that "they would just leave" (you'd never hear her say anything concerning violence!) She's the Odds on favorite of filling the Chalana Arroy position on your Ring, once she gets some more experience and Durval passes. Seems to be taking a fancy to Veosin, which annoys Jaros to no end. When asked why she likes Veosin, she says, "Chalana healed Humakt. I can heal him."

Korvina AimShot - Weaponthane

These are the 3 fully supported Clan Weaponthanes. Korvina Aimshot Martika's south wind, and made her name by shouting "shut up!" as a raiding Red Stone was boasting, and hurling her javelin and nailing him in the forehead.

Martika Arkandsottir - Cheiftainess

Martika was elected after Varnuf Two Lightnings fell in Starbrow's Rebellion. When the Lunars come, she's the Ernalda Priestess who's all talk of peace and cooperation. But she is a Devotee of the Kero Fin subcult of Ernalda the Queen, and has friends amongst the Tarsh Exiles at Wintertop. Her husban, Varnuf, was crucified before her very eyes, and she offers Beer, Meat and her own blood every day for the utter destruction of the Red Goddess, whom she holds personally responsible. With hair the color of snow, she is currently unmarried, but she quietly prepares the Clan for utter Rebellion, and has clandestine means of contact with Queen Kallyr in Whitewall. She is currently working to assemble two warbands, one to stay at home and defend the steads and lead the Fyrd, and another to perform tasks and roam the land, preparing for the uprising against the Lunars. At 45, still regal and lovely, who occasionally takes bed-lovers from outside the Clan.

Mygan Teadrinker - known for an odd habit he picked up while in Pavis.

Mygan Teadrinker is a Sage of Lhankor Mhy and the Clan Lawspeaker, taking the Knowing Companion position on the Clan Ring. Mygan has gathered an astounding knowledge of not only Clan and Tribal Precedent, but also can read the scripts of several different countries, including the people from the Far East (who he calls Kralori) and the Far West (Malkioni.) His knowledge of Lunar Procedure is exhaustive, and his most famous feat was his quotation to a Yanafil Tarnils commander exact occupation protocol. His 'business relationships' with local Lunar Officials also help. However, he seethes with hatred at the Lunar Empire, and assists the Clan with preparations to throw off the Lunar yoke. After 10 years in Pavis amidst the Grey Sages there, he returned when he saw a magic painting in the Puzzle Canal that showed a dragon shaped cloud obscuring the Red Moon. He's close ally of Ukrava the Seer, the clan Godi of Kev the Queen (Mike Dawson's PC.) He returned from Pavis at about the same time as Jaros did, altho ugh the two moved in different circles while in Pavis town.

Orlkar The Swifttongued (Destor Adventurous) -

Cousin of Bolthor, is know for his skills at Fast Talk. Handles the Dishthane duties for the stead he lives on and also farms, and supplies needed items to members of the rebel warbands in the area. Hates the Lunars, who crucified his father for Orlanth worship 10 years ago.

Roitini Kendradotter- 17 year old sister of Hindina Kendradotter, recently initiated into the Fennorth Subcult of Orlanth Thunderous (One of the few ways for a woman to worship OT directlly.) Exhuberant and playful, and a skilled flyer, she regularly beats the local Vangathi in flying races. Looking for a husband that can keep up with her. Currently is a steadgirl in the Loom House, but her closeness to the Clan Goddess may have her becoming a Godi. There hasn't been a Godi to Fennoreth in well over 50 years, as Fennoreth chooses her daughters and sons carefully.

Sigurd Fairdeal - Trader

Initiate of both Issaries and Argan Argar. Dishthane of the Clan, she is often off the stead, either at the Yarabing caves or amidst the local clans and markets. Called Fairdeal because she doesn't unduly gouge her customers, "unlike those *spit* Etyries. Even the Grubbers in Sazdorf give me better deals." Also acts as a diplomat with other clans in the course of trading, although she is not the official clan Herald. She's always looking for young Clan warriors to guard her caravan when she travels, and often argues with Martika. "When are you going to get those boys Initiated? This is the third time this season I've been robbed by the Red Stone!" A raid is being strongly considered by the Ring.

Old Worlooni - Kolating

Worloon lives up on that hill by the Voron Oak. He's a Kolating Shaman, and while he does come to the communal worship ceremonies, he usually flies upon Kolat's winds. When ghosts or the Ancestors trouble the clan, it usually means a trip to old Worlooni, a greasy, dirty man covered in furs who nonetheless blessed you all at your births. Every sacred time, he comes down with the Thunder Drum, to scare away the disease and bad luck spirits. He tells some very funny stories, however, such as when Orlanth and Eurmal dressed up as women, just so Orlanth could spend a night with Ernalda while she was a handmaiden in Yelm's court. Orlanth's flirting with Yelm comments about Yelm's wand, er, I meant Imperial Scepter usually has the clansfolk howling.

Vandarl Goodrain - Chief Priest of Durev Allfather,chief Godi and Godtalker.

Poses as farmer or Godi of Barntar when Lunars are around. 60 years old, and searching about for a replacement. Is currently preparing two Warbands for the upcoming rebellion. Fought in wars in Tarsh and the Far Place before coming home. He's deep and quiet in his hatred of the Empire. He does not sit on the Ring, but he is the chief Orlanth ceremonialist in the Clan, and initiated all the young boys into adulthood, including Jaros (who is an Elmal cultist.) Usually gruff and quiet, yet his voice resounds like thunder during the ceremonies. Also keeps the secrets of the Old Man Voron Ancestor Cult. His wife, a Vingan, was crucified by the Lunars during Starbrows Rebellion. Unflagging in his support of Queen Kallyr. Currently is assisted by Rotini Kendradotter, who is the clan's only initiate to Fennoreth the Flying Girl.

More to come. CB

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May 23, 2001

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