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Bolthor Vandarlsson

I am Bolthor son of Vandarl the Bombastic. My work is in the fields of clan. I serve Orlanth and he gives me strength. What else you want to know?

Oh, my family, well I don't have a wife yet. I haven't had that much time to wander in foreign tulas. Family comes when gods permit. Yes, I wish to get married. With someone who is modest and honest... and works hard of course. Who'd want a pretty and snotty daughter of a chief? Not me, I tell you. And if she has a broad behind, then I sure would be happy.

What? Why do you ask if I can fight? Of course I can fight. I am a man, can't you tell? If you don't take your weapons and show up on Sword Day, then you ain't a man in my opinion. And if you have some childish delusion that it's those pretentious warriors who can fight only, then let me say that I'll accept a challenge to wrestle with any of our weaponthanes. Any day. They are just lazy bunch who think only they can fight when it is us real men who do it all, work and fight. We are men and they are men also, but sometimes they mix pride and haughtiness. Worthy and real men are proud of what they do, immature and not that wise men are haughty when they try to be like those they look up to.

Hmm, I don't think much of these. I think that it is not man's duty to ask questions of that kind. The proper way is to work, provide and protect. I'll leave questions like that to womenfolk or priests. Perhaps that would be good if I could see my grandsons as grown up men when I give my last breath. Happiness and all those complicated things you ask of me are after all quite irrelevant things. You work and do things men are supposed to do. What else could you do?

Ahh, well that's a more interesting question. My great-great-great-grandfather Orlgard came from Tongarlting clan of Balmyr tribe after his stead was burned by those no-good Kultaini. And after Sartar made the peace he had no mean to get that stead back and he had to travel east like some traveling vendor. I can feel his shame still. Then he went to the hall of King Belkar who was the king of all Kheldoni at that time and song those powerful songs of old, rose the passion of Balmyr and the wrath of Haloric to the hearts of all who were present that day. After that he was the Skald of the King for many years and gained fame and since that no-one thought he was a merchant. My father says that great Hrothgar was of his clan, and that is the reason we can call the words of the wind and say them without hesitation.

After his days as a Skald, he was adopted by our clan as a carl and ever since we have plowed these fields. Here in the shadows of Quailhills. This is our land now. We belong here.

Have you seen my younger brothers? This silent fellow here is Jarstan. He knows how to handle bulls and rams. He can also recall the words of Heort and Orlanthanandrin. He is of great pride to our bloodline. And this young fellow here is Orlkar. A fool who thinks he can win women by pretending to be a great warrior. That day I lose him in a wrestling match I swear that then I'll stop ridiculing him. Well, not entirely I guess. Orlkar has had to learn ways of Vanganth to fly to safe. Lest he had been crushed in our hands. Heh you see, we sure love him like brothers and closest kin.

But now I have to go to the river if I want to get my corns wet. You know that Minlister never waits too long if you want to make good malts. If you want to talk again, come to the old drying house. I'll be there quite regularly these next few weeks you know.

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December 1, 2001

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