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The Voroni Campaign

Bolthor Vandarlsson

Bolthor is a simple carl of the Voroni clan. His gigantic figure plows fields with grim determination. Bolthor was initiated to Orlanthcarl in his youth, but also sacrifices to Ohorlanth. He can creatively improvise the old poems with his low, strong voice. He knows the woods and ways of hunting. His younger brothers Jarstan and Orlkar follow his lead. Bolthor brews thick rye-ale with dedication. Occasionally the ale tastes rather too good for him. Wrestling is one of his favorite activities. His influential father Vandarl gave him the Runestaff of Orlgard. Even coldest winters don't hinder this bear too much.

Goals: To live a manly life honorably and without shame.

Bolthor's Tale

Physical Abilities

Close Combat
Spear and Shield, Fyrd Combat, Wrestling
Drumming 13
Endure Cold 13
Farming 17
Gigantic 13
Low and Strong Voice 13
Ranged Combat
Make Simple Repairs 17
Manage Stead 17
Running 13

Mental Abilities

Brew Rye-Ale 13
Creatively improvise old poems 13
Domestic Animal Care 17
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Heortling Law 13
Know Land 17
Know Local Area 13
Know Woods 13
Hunt 13
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Orlanth 17
Myths: Thunder Brothers 17
Predict Weather 17
Sense Change in Weather 17
Stay Awake 17
Wisdom 17


Conservative 17
Dedicated Brewer/TD> 13
Determined 13
Dynamic 13
Fatherly 17
Grim 13
Hard Working 5w
Proud 17
Responsible 17
Simple 13
Stubborn 17


to Voroni (member) 13
to Gunthoring (bloodline) 13
to Hard PLowersstead (Stead) 17
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Initiate of Orlanthcarl Allfather 17
Initiate of Ohorlanth Thunderous 13
Follower: Jarstan
Herder, Heortling Law
Follower: Orlkar
Warrior, Initiate of Vanganth
Patron: Vandarl Goodrain
Father, Clan's Priest of Orlanth


Allfather 17
Making 17
Farming 1W
Storm 13
Wind 13
Thunderstorm 13


Ale tastes rather too well 16

Items of Note

Wealth 15
Runestaff of Orlgard
Leather hat, shield^1
Spear^3, Dagger^1, farmstead, small herd of cows, ox-team and plow



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November 10, 2001

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