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Beveni Kalfsson

Benevi is a heortling herder and initiate of Finovan and the Drum Thunder. He has learned the skills and magics for keeping bees, and makes fine mead. Beveni is as agile as the two herding alynx he keeps, Beagul and Tregul. Benevi seeks a wife from the arrowstorm clan and has gifted many fine cattle. While traveling the Angry Barrow Road to Vastyr's Winter Stead, he won Morak's spirit drum. His raiding has earned him a great herd of shaggy cows, and fine arms and armour. Benevi speaks darktongue. He has traveled to Pavis and back and knows it well.

Physical Abilities

Agile 13
Butcher 17
Climb 17
Close Combat
Spear and Shield, Fyrd Combat, Sword and Shield, Mace and Shield, Maul
Dodge 17
Drumming 13
Farming 13
Jump 17
Move Quietly 17
Ranged Combat
Javelin, Sling
Run Long Distances 17
Running 17

Mental Abilities

Animal First Aid 17
Beekeeping 17
Boast 17
Brew Mead 13
Brew Woad 17
Geography: Dragon Pass 13
Heortling Customs 13
Know Domestic Animals 17
Know Pavis and Prax 13
Know Local Area 13
Knowledge - Vastyr's Hidden Stead 13
Listen 17
Myths: Heortling 13
Myths: Orlanth 17
Myths: Thunder Brothers 17
Sense Change in Weather 17
Speak: Darktongue 13
Track 17
Train Alynx 17


Bold 17
Generous 17
Patient 17
Watchful 13


to Voroni (member) 13
to Family 13
to Arrowstorm 13
Known to be Generous 12
Worship Storm Pantheon 13
Initiate of Finovan 17
Initiate of Drum Thunder 13
Follower: Beagul
Herding Alynx, Track
Follower: Tregul
Herding Alynx, Spot Foe


Combat 1W
Movement 17
Raiding 5W
Bee Magic 13
Drum Thunder 17

Items of Note

Wealth 2W
Morak's Spirit Drum
(can be used to scare away/damage Chaos and Broos, +3 edge vs Broos)
Leather helmet, shield^1
Spear^3, Sling^2, Dagger^1, herd of cows

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May 22, 2001

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