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The Vaillant Campaign


Rokari symbols This is a story about a family of Seshnelan knights that now live in Joranit, in the New Quarter. They fled from Seshnela when their parents were burned as heretics and your family lands seized by the bishop. In Joranit they were taken in by an uncle and given employment mercenaries with the House Gersedi.

I was intrigued with the idea of taking 5 characters with the same starting keywords and seeing what the players did with them. I was pleasantly surprised before they even finished character creation ...

Meet the Knights du Vaillant

Daniella du Vaillant
Raymand Ironthews - Martin Laurie
Trymir the Confessor - Eliot Richman

Read the Vaillant Tapestries:


Additional Information

The Brothers du Vaillant - scenario briefing package.
The Knights of St. Trymir - the heroes' heroband.


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3 March 2004