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The Vaillant Campaign


The Knights of St. Trymir
"The old world is corrupt, we will carve the new from its corpse"

For over 400 years the family Vaillant has supplied Knights and sergeants to the Count of Almaisie from their ancestral chapter of the Order of St. Gerlant. These knights have been ceaseless crusaders and indefatigable champions of the Church. In recent times, the Knights have fallen out of favour due to their resistance to the Ecclesiarch Theoblanc and his new doctrines.

This it the player's heroband in the Brothers du Vaillant campaign.

Common Names: St. Trymir's Knights of the Household of Flame; The Knights du Vaillant.
Form:. A chapter of the Order of St. Gerlant.
Typical Homeland: Seshnela
Cultural Context: Holy crusaders and monk-knights that champion the Faith, despite the current Ecclesiarch.
Ideology: "No retreat."
Look and Feel: Western knights fighting for their people and their church - though sometimes fighting the hierarch of the church.
Purpose: To supply knights and sergeants to their feudal overlord.
Headquarters: Originally the Vaillant Chapel. Now wherever the surviving members gather.
Reactions: In Seshnela, the Knights have been declared heretic and disbanded. The surviving sons of Master Sir Vaillant fled to Joranit where they are viewed with the suspicion and caution that heavily armed foreigners usually garner.

Leader: Sir Trymir the Confessor, the eldest surviving son of the du Vaillant family. Sir Trymir is a devoutly orthodox Rokari knight who is rumoured to have turned his father in to the Inquisition.
Renowned Members: None at this time.
Total Membership: 6.
Other Contacts: The Knights are currently employed as mercenaries by the noble house Gersedi in Joranit. The brothers' uncle, Sir Georges the Westron has married into that house.

The Knights currently have no formal organisation as their numbers have been reduced to the sons and daughter of the last Master. Sir Trymir has been acknowledged as the new Master for St. Trymir requires that somebody be in command.

Membership Keyword
Membership Requirements: Swear an oath of vassalage to the Master of the Master and of brotherhood with the other members.
Skills Taught: Greatsword fighting
Typical Personality Traits: Fearless or Reckless
Magic: None taught, most members are orderlies of St. Gerlant.

St. Trymir the Foremost (Guardian Essence)
Method: Archetype
Form: The Vaillant Sword. An ancient greatsword wielded by the Master of the Knights.
Communication: Leader communication. When St. Trymir communicates, the sword of each member lights with spiritual fire, the colour signifying what is being communicated.
Guardian Requirements: The Vaillant Sword must be anointed with blood from every member during worship. Members must disdain personal safety (personality traits like reckless, fearless etc).
Awareness Hear by brother's words
Recognise most dangerous foe
Blessing Holy bolt of fire
Fight many foes
Defence Armour of God


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