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Player Characters of the Tarsh Campaign

Good King Bork Mitchuinsson - Eliot Richman

Priest of Orlanth Rex, and initiate of Humakt & Mitchuinn Moonhater. Bork is a deadly swordsman & skilled politician. His goal is to unify the Tarsh clans to bring retribution against the Empire and he seeks allies and powers from anyone and everyone. He is aided by Dwarfs and other strange magics.

"We'll protect you m'lord!"
"Let me through! Get out of my way!"
"You tell'm m'lord."

Brannic "Ironarm" Mitchuinnsson - Jeff Pederson

A Berserker Lord, his right arm is iron, it moves like a normal arm yet can tear armour apart in its grasp and crushes men's skulls as if they were eggshells. He now wields the deadly Sword of Mitchuinn which is filled with the War Spirit's hatred of all things Imperial.

"They sure do make these mugs flimsy here."

Gunnar "The Hammer" Mitchuinnsson - Chris Armer

This massive warrior stands seven feet tall and is greatly broad across the shoulders. He too was gifted by Mostal and wields a hammer that pounds his foes into the ground that spawned it. He is the strength of the tribe, the physical and spiritual representation of its power and determination. He is a popular man with many fine children.

"Why are the ceilings so low?"

Hakon "Ironbow" Endralsson - Wesley Quadros

Hakon is the son of Endral Warhoof the Tribal Steward. He married the daughter of Wexthan Warvrok, chief of the Wexthani clan and is a thane therein. Hakon bears a Mostali iron bow that never need by unstrung and has been fated to eat naught but rocks by the Mostali. Hakon is a Sunthane of Elmal..

"Why is it so dark?"
"It's a Zorak Zoran temple."
"Where're the torches?"
"Trolls see in the dark, did YOU bring a torch?"

Thorhilla Mitchuinndottir - Maria

Thorhilla is the only daughter of Mitchuinn and lost her first husband & true love in the fall of Mirins Cross. She joined Vinga soon after and now musters the warrior women of the Mitchuinn for war and vengeance.

"Hey sweety."
"Who are you calling 'sweety'?"

Vagn "Rockeater" Mitchuinnsson - Sean

Warrior of Mitchuinn and fated by the Mostali to eat only rocks while the Empire still stands. He is a dour man with a great ability to inspire his anger in others. He is also rumoured to have the curse of longevity, gained while in the endless warrens of the stone men.

"Beer! Give us Beer!"
"You wish liquid sustenance?"
"Eh? Beer!!"
"Well, I have experimental formula 145r56/t567-562..."


June 16, 2000

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