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Gloranthans Seeking Gloranthans


I keep seeing people trying to find groups to join in their enjoyment of the Glorantha World and have been wondering how to make it easier for them. Here it is.

If you are seeking a group to play with, or if you are a group accepting new players - face-to-face or PBEM - let me know and I will post the details here.

41 Gloranthans listed here.

Australia | Canada | Denmark | Germany | Italy | Korea | Sweden | Switzerland | UK | USA | Yugoslavia
There are some Gloranthans here right on the border of some regions, IE Detroit/Windsor, NY/NJ. Make sure you check both locations. PBEM Gloranthans are sorted by home region.

Send your details

Where When Seeking Contact Notes:
SA Adelaide Thrree posts per week (-ish) Committed players Rich
See description at Unified Children
Austraila SA Adelaide TBA Players and/or Narrator. Easy-going, older players preferred. Rich
Gloranthan veteran who has been away too long...
Australia WA Perth Open, probably weekeneds. People to play HeroQuest with; will GM or play as required. Gary Sturgess or Gary Sturgess I'm a roleplaying veteran but a Glorantha novice. I love the setting and I'm willing to learn.
Canada BC Surrey Sundays @ 19:30 Open to new players with any (or no) RPG/Glorantha experience Various games, one in Dragon Pass, one in the Imperial Army, new one in Joranit.
Canada ON Toronto A week day or alternate weekends Anyone interested in exploring Glorantha with HW. Dragon Pass centred, high-adventure. Erik Weissengruber Prepared to GM or play. Or we could trade off, Ars Magica style. Glorantha newbies welcome.
Denmark - Copenhagen Bi-weekly Campaign Sunday afternoons A beginners 4 player heroquest group playing every two weeks face to face in central copenhagen location , players , narrators both welcome. english language game. Paul Sommer

English language game only (my danish is not good enough)

Web site

Germany - Berlin open RQ and HW; Nomad Gods as PBEM; Dragon Pass; and simply doing things Gloranthan Daniel Fahey

Ready to play in English and German. Am currently refereeing a game of Nomad Gods over email.

- - Weekly rate of messages. Gloranthophiles *Italian Read/Write* able, who wish to play be mail in a campaign based in Tarsh with a rule-light approach and a non-powergaming intent. Gianfranco Geroldi Novices to both HERO WARS and Glorantha welcomed.
- Seoul I can post as often is necessary but due to
time difference am unlikely to be able to play live
over the web.
I would be forever grateful to any GM discerning enough to run an RQ game and charitable enough to let me play. Ian Gordon I am a intermediate skilled RQ player with experience of Glorantha and very little else.
- Lund / Other Anytime, up to one post a day for PBEM. Weekends, not more often than once a month for play in Lund area. Weekends, once every three months for play anywhere in Sweden Established group, GM or single players who would like to form a group once in a while. Hakan Experienced RQ player, novice HQ. Can travel far once every three months. Would prefer playing, but can GM too.
Switzerland - Zurich - HQ GM or player Gizmo -
UK - Birmingham (Moseley B13) One evening a week. At the moment its Mondays. Players for existing HW campaign. If you want to run some HW games too - so much the better. Nick Hollingsworth Campaign about two years old and set in Far Point. Group size variable but currently down to two players due to peoples work.
UK - Cardiff Mon/Tues, once a week, 1930-2300 Players Steve Royle

We have a HW campaign running now. Currently it is an old-style adventurer theme to get new players into the swing of Glorantha; will probably be Orlanthi stead-based.

UK - Derby Monday evening once a month Players or GMs of RQ or Hero Wars. Experienced or inexperienced in HW rules. Darran Sims Fast and easy style with Orlanthi lead campaign. Just getting used to HW. Involves lots of beer and pizzas! Will possibly consider travel but can accommodate. (lots of maps!)

UK - Edinburgh Open Looking to play in a HW game. Willing to GM after I get the hang of APs. Mike Gibb Former RQ player, just got back into Glorantha. Bit daunted by the idea of trying to introduce Glorantha to my gaming group.
UK . London Monday, 7.00 -- 10.30 All shall recieve a warm Heortling welcome! Robert Davis Its in a pub, so over 18's only I am afraid.

The game is following the Sartar Rising Campaign - but I hope to run some Pavis second age fillers as well.
UK - London Weekly or fortnightly, on Thursday evenings, 6.45--10.45 Players for HeroWars. The campaign will be medium power Heortling. Benedict Adamson

Old Finchleians Sports Club, Southover, Woodside Park

Note that the club charges a modest fee.

UK - London ~ Six weekly sessions twice a year, Wed evenings starting in Nov. Players for HW/RQ. Roger Barnes At a small club near Tower Bridge.
UK - Northern Ireland to be decided Mature players or narrator for a HeroQuest campaign. Phillip Murphy Occasional Cal of Cthulu, Pendragon and (mostly German) board games too!
UK - North Leics / South Notts Every other Wednesday, 7pm-11pm Players for HW. Thom Baguley -
UK - North Manchester Open Players for HW. Keith Nellist Gloranthan board games, Hero Wars, Playing or Narrating.
UK - Sheffield Any weekday evening, or occasional weekend game Players for a Gloranthan Hero Wars game. Would also happily play Graham Spearing Will travel but preferrably in the Sheffield / Chesterfield area.
- Sheffield I have just started running a RQ3 pbem, and am considering adding one more Orlanth worshipper to the game. Francis Brambley Website
UK - South Cheshire / North Staffs Weekly, 7pm-12am usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday Players. I am running Herowars, but also run Star Wars, Hawknmoon and 7th Sea when the mood takes me Simon Bray My campaigns are player lead, but strongly Gloranthan.
USA AR Arkansas / Pine Bluff Friday nights from 6:30-9:00 Anyone else Scott Shafer Centered around Pavis and the Big Rubble...will be traveling around later
USA AZ Pheonix Open Looking for RQ players/narrator. Geoff Cloud Diehard RQ and Gloranthaphile who is new to the area and plays the Other Game with a bunch of gold piece lovers.
USA CA San Diego Weekly Campaign, Fridays at 19:00 & TBD Mature Players for Face to Face RPG RuneQuest 3rd Ed. Campaign no experience necessary John Del Colliano Longtime Glorantha/RQ player/GM, but rest of party is fairly new to Glorantha and RQ. Current campaign ideal for newcomers and old hats. Campaign is set south of Dragon Pass and is called the Shame of Dragonkind.
USA MA Boston open RQ or HW game. Craig Tremblay

I am looking for either a RQ game or HW.

USA MA Cambridge New Campaign starting in 2003. We will be playing twice per month, generally on Saturday afternoons,
although possibly switching to an weekday evening for the summer.
New or experienced Gloranthan players (or people new to roleplaying in general). The campaign is starts in Prax , although the campaign will move to numerous spots around Genertela. The complexity of the world will revealed in game, so we won't overwhelm new players. Gilbert Pili We will be using Hero Wars rules, but RQ3 players are welcome.
USA NC Winston Salem Saturday nights, depending on the variable schedules of the group. 1 or 2 more players for a new campaign with an established HW group. Gerald Bosch (Your Humble Narrator) WARNING: We are a bunch of middle-aged character role-players. We also don't start gaming in the evenings until our hostess succeeds in her Put Child to Bed contest. We are a long-running gaming group with that seemingly oddest of gaming mixes, more women than men. We have just started a campaign that I am shamelessly ripping off from the Tales material on the Greydog. If you would like to run some HW sometime in addition to playing, you could fulfill my lifelong fantasy of playing in Glorantha just once before I die.
USA NJ/PA Southern NJ, 25 mi from Philly open Looking for Glorantha lovers Tom


USA NV Las Vegas Open I would like to start or join a HW campaign. Michael Brett -
NY Long Island Whenever it would be convenient for any/all involved. Any players of either RuneQuest or Hero Wars willing to travel to Long Island, NY to play. I'm a disabled vet, so my schedule is very flexible, but I can't travel. See notes for info on my PBeM rules. Art Scott I'm an experienced GM with one player already and will play either RQ or HW. I am open to either GMing or Playing, whichever is the preference of the group. I am willing to start a RuneQuest ONLY PBeM but only with those who are willing to get together in an ICQ or other IM chat format with a group. We would use Hero Wars as source material mainly.
USA NY New York City Every other weekend Looking for a HeroQuest game every other weekend. No PBEM.
Peter Svensson Old RuneQuest hand, new to HeroQuest but willing to GM the Sartar Rising campaign if need be (haven't read it).
USA NY / NJ New York Weekly, Bi-Weekly or monthly, weekends. Desperately seeking Glorantha in Metro NYC/Northern NJ area, either live or PBEM Coridan. NJ Bergen or Hudson Counties, NYC 5 Boroughs.
USA TX Dallas I'm negotiable but would probably prefer to play Fridsay nights Hero Wars or HeroQuest players in Dallas Fort Worth. Also willing to play Runequest 2... Randy Ray I'm an old time Runequest player who just picked up Hero Wars last weekend and would like to find someone to play with in the Dallas Fort Worth area. I'd be willing to be the narrator if I could find three or four people interested in a regular game.
USA VA Richmond About twice a month on Sundays or occassional Saturdays Experienced Gloranthans who prefer deep character development Mike Dawson Web Site
USA DC Washington Open to any time from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Gloranthan game to play in (open to other "Chaosium originated" games and some others) Mike Trout Lots of Gloranthan experience (GTA "Hero") but no desire to be sole Narrator any longer (might consider being joint Narrator, if time as Player is considerably more than time as Narrator).


DC Washington Open. Looking for a RQ2 or RQ3 game (preferably in Glorantha
but open to other possibilities) in the metro area or a PBeM game.
J. Max Gilbert Used to play a fair amount of RQ2 and have RQ3, but haven't played either in quite some time (about 15 years)--I'm just getting
back into roleplaying.
USA WA Seattle TBA Players for a HeroQuest game in the southern continent. No experience required. David Dunham I hope the players will help discover the myths and stories of Umathela, while precipitating the Hero Wars in the south.
- Belgrade Posting at least twice per day for PbeM Glorantha PbeM as player or players for Dragon Pass PbeM WHO HAVE NOT PLAYED King of Dragon Pass

Milos Rasic


I don’t know RuneQuest or PenDragonPass rules but am willing to learn.


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