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Native Scout

- by Tim Blackler and
Wesley Quadros

Wherever the Empire goes, there are locals willing to serve it. Some serve for silver, some for the Goddess, others for reasons of their own. You are one of these locals, employed by the Empire as a scout and guide. Your knowledge of the local lands, people, customs and tongues make you valuable to your employer, be it an army unit, a missionary or a merchant.

Mundane Abilities: Ride, Know Local Area, Speak New Pelorian, Move Silently, Track, Keen Senses, Assess Enemy Strength, pick 1 appropriate weapon skill.
Typical Relationships: to Employer.
Typical Cults: Anything appropriate to your culture and compatible with your service to the Empire.
Typical Equipment: As normal for your culture and anything assigned to you by your employer.


May 4, 2002

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