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Kotun Mammoth Rider

Most people don't believe that Kotuns ride animals. You aim to show them otherwise. You are one of the Kotun Mammoth Riders, dreaded by Pentans and largely unknown otherwise. You raised your own mammoth pup, broke it to the saddle and trained it for war. You might ride your massive mount on raids into the Redlands and Pent but your primary duty is to hunt down marauding raiders in your own clan's lands. Few will stand and face a 10' war-mammoth. Fewer will face that mammoth with a Kotun warrior on its back.

Requirements: You must raise a mammoth pup and train it yourself.
Mundane Abilities: Ride Mammoth, Train Mammoth, Care for Mammoth, Close Combat (Lance), Ranged Combat (Javelin)
Typical Personality Traits: Dedicated, Steady
Typical Relationships: to Warband, to Clan, your war mammoth is usually a follower
Typical Cults: Aahn the Warrior, Hrunn the Axe, Mrithrud the Rider.
Typical Equipment: Sturdy leather armour, lance, axe, throwing axe, shield


April 2, 2002

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