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Carmanian Hazar

Carmanian Hazar The Hazar-Knight is the most powerful contingent in the Carmanian armed forces. These cavalrymen are trained for the heavy charge that shatters the opponent and for the bloody melee that follows. They ride the largest horses seen in central Genertela and are clad head-to-toe in bronze armour making a fearsome sight on any battlefield.

Requirements:Must be of the Hazar Caste.
Physical Skills: Ride, Lance Attack, Sword and Shield Fighting, Dance
Mental Skills: Sing, Heavy Cavalry Tactics, Leadership, Court Etiquette, Intimidate Commoner
Personality: Valorous
Relationships: Loyal to House
Magic: Chose any of the Carmanian Hazar gods. Bisos, Aronius Joranthir, Yanafal Tarnil, Duburdath and Humakt are the most common.
Living Standard: prosperous
Equipment: War Horse, Riding Horse, Heavy Bronze Cuirass and Greaves, Lance, Sword, Dagger, Shield

April 5, 2001

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