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EWF Battle Mage

EWF Battle Mage - gone dragon The Battle Mage was one of the EWFs primary combat magicians. They were trained to harness their draconic powers and use them to terrible effect in the thunder and crash of close battle. Many an enemy fled the field rather than face a score of these magicians with their claws, teeth and wings. The Battle Mage was also adept at leading and working with other magicians in co-ordinated magical rituals that focused their powers into one effect that would sweep over the battlefield.

The image shows Kijillij Wyrmsclaw, Brood-leader in the Eleven Lights EWF Rgmt, after invoking the secret "Be Storm-Dragon".

Physical Skills: Ride, Talon Fighting
Mental Skills: Co-Ordinate Magic, Warband tactics
Personality: Valorous
Relationships: Loyal to Patron
Magic: You must be an initiate or devotee of a Dragonfriend. Orlanth Dragonfriend was one of the more common paths.
Living Standard: prosperous
Equipment: Robes, Horse or Demi-Bird

April 5, 2001

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