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Carmanian Hazar Char-Un Occupational Keywords

All Char-Un men are Riders (herdsmen) and advance socially to become Warriors, Leaders and Elders. Similarly women are Riders, Mothers, Teachers and Elders. Some women follow the men's Path of Fire. Usually people progress from age group to age group in regular succession, though some people specialise as shamans or craftsmen.

You are a hunter and herdsman for your clan. You help keep the herds safe and learn the skills of the warrior when you are deemed worthy. You will be a warrior when you prove yourself competent at your tasks. You may gain honour as a skirmisher or by hunting a particularly dangerous animal.

Requirements: You must be at least 13 years old.
Physical Abilities: Archery, Craft Arrow, Drive Prey, Trick Riding, Lariat.
Mental Abilities: Find Good Pasture, Know Prey Animals, Listen, Keen Eye, Track , Sleep in Saddle.
Personality: Impulsive.
Relationships: to other Riders, to Family.
Magic: Morgzil the Hunter practise. The Morgzil practise does not integrate spirits.
Standard of Living: common.
Equipment: Bow and arrows, hunting horn, riding horse.

You are a proud warrior of your clan; gone are the days of watching the men fight, now you are one. To improve your lot in life, you must prove yourself in battle and collect a large herd of horses, maybe serve abroad in the Emperor's forces or as a mercenary and return with booty from distant lands. Maybe then you will earn a wife of your own.

Requirements: Usually male and usually 24 years or older. Must have proven yourself capable of fighting for the People.
Physical Abilities: Archery, Scimitar and Shield Fighting, Control Warhorse, Lance Fighting.
Mental Abilities: Scouting.
Personality: Fearless, Cruel, Proud.
Relationships: to other Warriors, to Family, to War Captain.
Magic: Sunishi the Slayer practise.
Standard of Living: common.
Equipment: Recurved Bow and arrows, Lance, Leather or Leather and Bone armour, Helmet, Shield, Scimitar, Cavalry Horse, Riding Horse.




July 15, 2001

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