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A Kotun WarriorKotun Cultural Keyword

We are a race of herders and fishers living in the forests and tundra north of the rugged Mrithred Mountains in Pent. We are a large people, standing 7-8' tall, and revel in the long winters and deep snows that cover our lands. We live in small communities and hunting camps along the rivers of Mrithum. Unlike the little folk, we are not interested in conquest or power so we don't gather into tribes or kingdoms. We herd our sheep, train our mammoths and catch the mighty sturgeon. For variety, we may raid the horsemen or plunder the little folks' boats.

Our gods and goddesses descend from the Mountain King and his icy wife. Our gods are ones of strength and endurance, hardy explorers and foresters. Our Goddesses are of the hearth and wisdom.

Innate Abilities: Large 18, Resist Cold 14
Mundane Abilities: Close Combat (Spear & Shield), Mass Combat (Warband), Herding or Fishing, Ranged Combat (Throwing Axe), Skiing or Boating, White Sea Geography, Kotun Customs, Kotun Myths, Know Local Area
Typical Relationships: to Family, to Band or Camp
Typical Personality Traits: Boastful, Independent
Magic: Worship Mrithrud Pantheon. Most Kotuns become initiates or devotees of a specific god in the Drethjorni Pantheon.



April 2, 2002

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