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Carmanian Hazar Char-Un Cultural Keyword

The Char-Un are nomadic horse riders from Erigia. Their lands lies on the northern border of the Empire and was given to them by the Emperor. The Char-Un are loyal allies of the Empire and fearsome warriors in her armies.

Physical Abilities: Herd Horse, Ride Horse, Archery.
Mental Abilities: Geography of Erigia, Char-Un Customs, Char-Un Spirit Tales,
Identify Char-Un Clan Markings.
Personality: Hate Elves, Haughty to non-Char-Un.
Relationships: to Family, to Clan. Unusual horses may be listed as followers or allies.
Magic: Char-Un magic comes from the spirits summoned by their shamans. Gender and age determine the classes of spirit available to them.



August 4, 2001

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