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Grimvurash is a Shargashi berserker that I created for a Hero Wars game that never started. This is Grimvurash's character sheet in the Hero Wars game.

You need the RQ font to read this properly.

Grimvurash of Alkoth Grimvurash is an Alkothi warrior who rages along the red path of Shargash. He follows the mighty Lord of Destruction Vunharesh and fights with his great honour as his shield, the enchanted iron mace "Shield Breaker" in his fist, and Shargash's Rage within his heart. Great is his anger, mighty his arms, and deep his understanding of the Devourer. Grimvurash is literate in Dara Happan and new pelorian. Grimvurash never forgets an insult and his vengeance is terrible. A trio of Elevens, the monolithic Arlandus, the forbidding Iron-Thew and Kerendelth attend Grimvurash. Grimvurash's constitution is strong and quickly recovers from damage.

Archery 17
Charge foe 17
Close combat 5W

Spear and shield
Mace and shield
Constitution 13
Dance 17
Fearless 17
Geography: Dara Happan 13
Hate Darjini 13
Hate Carmanian 13
History: Dara Happan military 17
Honour 13
Intimidating presence 17
Knowledge of Alkothi myths 13
Knowledge of Alkothi customs 13
Knowledge of foreign fighting styles 17
Knowledge of the Devourer 13
Listen 17
Quick Healing 13
Rage 13
Read and Write: Dara Happan 13
Read and Write: New Pelorian 13
Relationship: Citizen of Alkoth 13
Relationship: Son of the Korvesh-Tu clan 13
Scan 17
See hidden things 17
Spot ambush 17
Stay awake 17
Strong 13
Tactics: small unit 17
Vengeance 13
Worship: Shargashi Religion 13
Worship:Devoted to the Destoyer 17
Worship Hero: Vunharesh 13

Combat magic 1W

Crushing Mace Blow
Shield Help
Burning Mace
Fire magic 17
Purify with Fire
Fiery Aura
Strike Foe with Sky Bolt
Berserker magic 1W
Fight While Injured
Strength of Shargash
Three-Mace Feat
Howl of Fury
Vengeance magic 13
Terrorize {target}
Sense {target}
Hew {target}

Follower 13: Arlandus (warrior 17, huge 13)
Follower 13: Iron-Thew (warrior 17, intimidating 13)
Follower 13: Kerendelth (warrior 17, fanatical 13)

Metal scale tunic and conical helm w/shield (rank 5)
Mace: "Shield Breaker" (break shields 13, rank 5)
spear (rank 3)
self-bow and arrows (rank 3)


April 5, 2001

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