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Greshvuketh er Erdhesh

This is Greshvuketh's character sheet in the Hero Wars game. I will go through it sentence by sentence showing how to assign skills to it and will explain what those skills may mean.

Greshvuketh, warrior of Alkoth

Hail the Destroyer, Greshvuketh, son of Harumvuketh.

Erdhesh’s Heir, Gold-Hemmed.
Hail the Kastori, tall as the Footstool with Alkor’s Vigour
Hail Rimushibi’s Master,
Lukarius’ Man with the Dancing Saddle,
Borne by Treshkorvik.
Wielder of Purity, drawsman of Walindum’s Doom.
Hail the Iron Warrior, guarded by Destiny,
Ruthless purpose.
Hail Talumara’s betrothed, Salnarurpal’s Bane.
Dark charisma, compelling voice
Hail Oslira’s Shield the Water Strider,
the Fish-Talker
Struts like Varnaga.
Hail the Falconer,
Boastman's Bane, survivor.
Hail the Hunter, Semgeresh’s Man,
Traveler, Hound’s nose, Owl’s Eyes,
The Squirrel.
Hail the Pupil,
Buserian’s Code, Moon Tongue,
Dawn Tongue, Golden Tongue.
Hail Sedenya’s man.


Physical Skills

Acute Hearing ... 17
Charge ... 17
Climb ... 13
Dance ... 17
Hide in Cover ... 17
Night Vision ... 13
Play Drums ... 17
Riding ... 17
Running ... 17
Stamina ... 13
Strong ... 1w
Survive ... 13
Swim ... 13
Tall ... 13


to Alkoth (citizen) ... 13
to House Erdhesh (heir) ... 13
to Commander ... 17
to Talumara (betrothed) ... 13
to River Folk (defender) ... 13
to PargAddi (regiment) ... 13
Imperial Citizen ... 13

Rimushibi ... 13

Blood Hawk Daimon, Destroyer

Patron: Sengeresh the Burner ... 13

PargArdarch of the PargAddi

Pantheon: Celestial ... 13
Great God: Shargash
Devotee of:
Henkovek the Destroyer ... 17
(Destroyer Aspect, Henkovek sub-cult)

Mental Abilities

Charisma ... 13
Compelling Voice ... 13

Alkothi ... 13
Falconry ... 13
Dara Happa ... 13
Foreign ... 13
Knowledge of Militaries ... 17
Leadership ... 13
Alkothi ... 13
Destoryer ... 17
Dara Happan ... 13
Recognise Foes ... 17
Sedenyic Philosophy ... 13
New Pelorian ... 13
Theyan ... 13
PargAddi Polygot ... 13
Stalk ... 13
Stay Awake ... 17
Small Unit ... 17
Tracking ... 13

Hate Darjiini ... 13
Ruthless ... 13


Berserker Combat ... 17

Fight while injured
Strength of Shargash
Howl of Fury
Smash Many Foes at Once
Combat ... 1w
Crushing Mace Blow
Fire Shield
Burning Weapon
Smash Shield Wall
Destruction ... 17
Fiery Aura
Sky Bolt
Violent Wind
Crack Earth


Fish Talker ... 13
Water Strider ... 13


Rating: ... 5w


Dancing Saddle ... 13
Mace: Purity ... 13
Bow: Walindum’s Doom ... 13
Shield: Destiny ... 13

spear, dagger
War-trained Horse ... 13


Feud with house Korvek ... 13


Close Combat ... 5w

Spear and Shield ^3
Mace and Shield ^5

Ranged Combat:
Archery ... 13 ^3

Armour: ^7

Iron Alkothic Scale Armour
Iron Conical Helm
Iron Greaves

Other Bonuses:

How did I get those skills? Read on...

Hail the Destroyer, Greshvuketh, son of Harumvuketh.

Word Count: 7.

Destroyer is an aspect of Shargash and thus a magical keyword. Naming Greshvuketh a Destroyer implies that he is a devotee and gets the feats. All skills in a magical keyword are at 17.

Devoted to: Henkovek the Destroyer (the default sub-cult), Great God: Shargash, Affinities: Berserk, Combat, Destruction, Charge, Dance, Play Drums, Strong, Myths of the Destroyer

Erdhesh's Heir, Gold-Hemmed.

Word Count: 10.

Erdhesh is a noble house in Alkoth. This is Greshvuketh's cultural keyword; all skills from here are at 13. Gold-Hemmed means that he is wealthy; this is a pick-up ability.

Relationships: to Alkoth, to House, Alkothic Customs, Dara Happan Geograhy, Alkothic Myths, Hate Darjiini, Worship Celestial Pantheon. Gold-Hemmed raises his wealth by one level.

Hail the Kastori, tall as the Footstool with Alkor's Vigour

Word Count: 20.

These are pick-up skills. A Kastori is a sergeant.

Leadership, Tall, Stamina.

Hail Rimushibi's Master,

Word Count: 23.

This is a follower - in this case a shargashi daimon - and a pick-up ability.

Relationship: Follower Rimushibi

Lukarius' Man with the Dancing Saddle,

Word Count: 29.

These are pick-ups. Lukarius is a god of the bow. The Dancing Saddle is a magical item with a rating of 13. This is an ambiguous reference and I don't know what the saddle does.

Archery, Item: Dancing Saddle

Borne by Treshkorvik.

Word Count: 32.

This is another pick-up item, a war-trained horse with an ability of 13.

Item: Warhorse

Weilder of Purity, Drawsman of Walindum's Doom.

Word Count: 39.

These are more items with ratings of 13. More ambiguous items. I'm not sure what they do.

Iron Mace: Purity, Self Bow: Walindum's Doom

Hail the Iron Warrior, Guarded by Destiny,

Word Count: 46.

Iron refers to Greshvukeht's armour. Warrior is an occupational keyword and all of those abilities are at 17. Destiny is another named item.

Iron scale tunic and helm. Warrior: Acute Hearing, Hide in Cover, Ride, Running, Relation to Commander, Relation to Unit, Recognise Foes, Stay Awake, Small Unit Tactics. Shield: Destiny. Equipment: spear, horse, dagger. Wealth: 15.

Ruthless purpose.

Word Count: 48.

This is a pick-up ability.


Hail Talumara's betrothed, Salnarurpal's Bane.

Word Count: 53.

Talumara is Greshvukeht's fiance, Salnarurpal was the scion of house Kovek. This are pick-up abilities.

Relation to Talumara (betrothed), Flaw: Feud with House Kovek.

Dark Charisma, compelling voice.

Word Count: 57.

Two more pick-up abilities.

Dark Charisma, compelling voice.

Hail Oslira's Shield, the Water Strider,

Word Count: 63.

Oslira is the goddess of the great river, water strider is a new magical feat. Both are pick-up abilities.

Relation to riverfolk (defender), Feat: Water Strider.

the Fish-Talker, Struts like Varnaga.

Word Count: 68.

Fish-Talker is a new magical feat. Varnaga is the crocodile god, to strut like him is to swim.

Feat: Fish-Talker. Swim.

Hail the Falconer, Boastman's Bane, Survivor.

Word Count: 74.

Pick-up abilities.

Falconry, ridicule boast, survive.

Hail the Hunter, Sengeresh's Man,

Word Count: 79.

Hunting is a pick-up skill, Sengeresh is Greshvuketh's patron, he is the commander of the PargAddi regiment.

Stalk, Patron: Sengeresh.

Traveler, Hound's Nose, Owl's Eyes, the Squirrel

Word Count: 86.

More pick-up abilities.

Knowledge of Foreign Geography, tracking, night vision, climb.

Hail the Pupil, Buserian's Code, Moon Tongue, Dawn Tongue, Golden Tongue.

Word Count: 97.

More pick-up abilities. Buserian is the scribe god, the Dara Happan alphabet was invented by him. The tongue of the moon is New Pelorian. The Orlanthi are often called Theyans, after the goddess of Dawn.

Read/Write Dara Happan, Speak New Pelorian, Speak Theyan, golden tongue.

Hail Sedenya's Man.

Word Count: 100.

This implies that Greshvuketh is a follower of the Goddess, a citizen in the empire. That is a special keyword.

Relationship: Imperial Citizen. Sedenyic Philosophy.

Now I needed to assign ability ratings. Magical and occuaptional keywords receive ratings of 17. All other abilities are at 13. I may also assign one 5w and two 1w abilites. Greshvuketh is ready to play.

See how Greshvuketh progresses in the PargAddi Campaign.


April 5, 2001

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