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The Ballad of the Pavis Companions

It started in Pavis
in the employ of Arlaten
we shacked up in an inn
we all hoped to be laid in

To the Arm of Pavis
Arlaten wants that tower
we hacked & smote & took it
"not bad" said he, with a glower

The Orlanthi raiments
a grab was made by a Coder
we stood & fought & slew
the Axe brothers, oh what an odour

A troll priestess came by
with troll & shade & assassin
we slew them all
& her acolytes, we sent packin'

Off went the priestess on
the eight legs of a great spider
Buimfasa brought her down
could he grin any wider?

We found, under Pavis,
a very old Godlearner nest
swarming with cruel chaos
we soon had to rest

For after smiting them
we spied such a treasure
staggering with the weight
we could all live in leisure

The raiments were stranded
the Coders all around
we dashed in and grabbed them
then were harried to ground

With a word and prayer
Orlanth wisked us out
the reignments are safe
come on, let's mount

Down the river to sea
this port has a strange feel
flying fish, walking skeletons,
it's surrounded by an eel

Down the Vomitor's throat
it didn't seem all that smart
we hewed into it's guts
and then burn't out it's heart

Shipwrecked on Melkray Is.
we journeyed to hell
to slay a sorcerer
Kogad rang his bell!

The first battle of Loist
Charges, screams & all that clatter
the Duke is defeated
his whole army a scatter

Now the Ilsig rebel
somebody gave them some aid,
we smashed their large column
and crushed the gains they had made

We trekked back to Loist
there are bodies on all sides
drumming from the tower
"Let's check the insides"

We climbed up the walls
hacked down the stair
saw the Zombie Drum
replaced the swords that were there

We stopped at an inn
Kogad outdrank a Minotaur
then spent the night with it's wife
the next day he was sore

He entered the temple
the sweat, off of him it poured
but when the dust settled,
Grimnir was a Sword

We met some Ogres
they summoned a cacofiend
Grimnir hewed off it's head
and on the corpse he leaned

King Richard's Silver Mine
it's guarded by a big troll
We took the silver
we had achieved our goal

We journeyed to Knightkeep
to scout for Krarn
The March Championship,
Kogad won with his brawn

The keep is under siege
Ronegarreth is at the back door
Tartar's Legion attacked us;
but they were really quite poor

Drawn to the God Plane
by the strength of the great clash
Our previous smugness
now appeared quite rash

We had to find Melkray
to make sure of our own safety
Krarn has now joined us
He's looking too crafty

Raging across a field
we all witness an epic fight
Kogad meets Hrothmir
and revels in his might

We found Melkray
and reunited his spirit
His three parts were so strange
that we could hardly bear-it

We rescued Ronegarrath
as we needed his aid
then we met up with Krarn
We thought that we had it made

A storm stuck to a rock,
Marrek strains and pulls out the spear,
and after the great blast
Vorthindar's not stuck there

A quick ceremony,
a draft from a golden gourd
there were stars in his eyes,
and Joral was a windlord

We journeyed to the Block
and wandered in the Devil's Bones,
we destroyed Wakboth
and felt the very ground groan

Kogad is now a Khan
his head has a great set of horns,
he fights against Chaos,
the fight for which he was born

We return to Knightkeep
two years have now passed
Krarn sure has changed a lot
see the wealth he has amassed?

We are poisoned by Krarn,
and sent against the Vampires
we stop in a village
high amoung the rocky spires

Here is another Krarn?!
The first was a Doppelganger
The Vampires march past us
their army a'clanger

Krarn says "Quick! To their Keep"
their power we must shatter
we stormed the tower
the casualties don't matter

The Vampires have been crushed
we party & eat haggis
a messenger finds us
The Frees need us in Pavis

The Giants sent a child
in a cradle on the river
the cute babe will need
all the help we can give her

The Lunars want her
and would plunder her with glee
we murdered their first wave,
those that were left turned to flee

With the help of the dwarves,
the lunars storm the boat
Radak crosses the bridge
and Grimnir slays the old goat

To the shore Kogad goes
through the Lunars and their gear
He attacks the phalanx
then spies fake-Hrothmir

Kogad storms the ship
he fights through a regiment
he hews the imposter
now he may know contentment

Nosering charges the ship
Rayna will slaughter him, maybe
she gores him with the spear
"All hail to the king baby!"

At the back of the boat,
Onslaught gives us a good run
Marrek convinces him
that the brushies're more fun

Dragonewts board us
they attack through the ward
Rayna defeats their boss
now he will follow her sword

Julan leads an assault
Grimnir hacks him for honour
they battle furiously
Grimnir takes him prisoner

The ship had been aground
Deville boards when the storm comes ‘long
it raises the water
we are moving with a song

Through the Rubble we go
Lunar bridge is not high enough
and we crash into it
we keep going through the stuff

At the town of Harpoon
we get hit with the three great gaffs
they tried to ram the boat
on we go, we broke the shafts

A flying swarm comes near
Ronegarrath attacks us again
we quickly see him off
What is it he hopes to gain

Many horsemen arrive
"They are my friends", Arnulf tells us
treachery! they attack
Arnulf's a fake, its a ruse

We approach Corflu now
the stone Watcher blocks our journey
the lunars charge again
most must leave in a gurney

Garreth reappears now
he had recharged the boat's magic
the boat fights the watcher
stone teeth melt, what a cool trick

Finally safe at sea
Wolf Pirates come seeking plunder
Harrek sees the baby
We join him for adventure

We've joined the Wolf Pirates
initiate us they will
Kogad goes berserk
how many will he kill?

Rayna went for dinner
with that Anthus chap
but the bleeder's celibate
he must have had the clap

Fighting in Teshnos
against Gurusharp's host
the Focal Guard are nasty
the pirates head for the coast

During the battle
Kogad swelled in strength
and throws an elephant
it lands lying full length

High in the mountains
a tall tower does stand
the source of the Focal Guard
the place is heavily manned

We burst apon the rampards
and hew our way inside
Rayna kills the sorceror
Now, where did we leave our guide?

Gurusharp's glittering army
has been smashed on the plain
the capital is looted
it's treasure is our gain

Heavy with loot
to the east the fleet does sail
we stop in Doskayso
Here's a home from any gale

Grimnir is captain
after Gunder is kidnapped
we ‘interview' some people
and find where she is kept

We trudge through the tunnels
under the Red Bamboo bastion
we crash their ceremony
and each butcher a champion

Harek arrives
like a streak from the blue
we've saved Gunder
where were you?

These are our journeys
they're really quite fun
time to carry on
good-bye, must run.

-as chronicled by Grimnir
Sword of Humakt
Pavis Companion


March 27, 2001

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