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The Pavis Companions

Buimfasa the Man-and-a-Half
Buimfasa is an Agamori from the Wastes of Prax. He is over 8 feet tall. He is a spirit talker. Buimfasa is best remembered by this interaction with the Guardian of Corfu:
[player] I crawl into it's mouth.
[GM] You can't, it is solid stone.
[player] Okay, I crawl into it's nose.
[GM] You can't, it's solid stone.
[player] Is there a way inside it?
[GM] No, it's solid stone.
[player] I crawl into it's ear.
[GM] You can't, it's solid stone....

Cuthred the Drace
Cuthred is a sorceror from Heortland. He follows the Invisible God, Malkion. His familiar is a strange animal called a tiger. His father is a baron. He wields a huge greatsword.

Grimnir Ironoath
Grimnir is a Sword of Humakt. He was initated as a Sword by Onslaught in the Pavis temple. He is originaly from the Lismelder clan. His best moment was when he handily defeated the Coder, Count Julan in a duel.
View Grimnir's Character Sheet.

Joral Shadowwalker
Joral is an Orlanthi Windlord in the Sandals of Darkness subcult. He is from the Poljoni clan of Prax.

Kogad Hrothmirsson
Kogad is a Storm Khan of Storm Bull and is an Avatar of Hrothmir. He is from the Bison Rider tribe of Prax. His mount is named "Crunch". During a heroquest, he spied Hrothmir, son of Storm Bull, battling a Chaos demon. When Hrothmir slew himself so he could chase the demon in the underworld, Kogad drank his blood and collected some in his waterskin. Those horns on his head are not on the helm; he has grown buffalo horns and he is taking on more of Hrothmir's appearance every day. His is best remembered for the time that he fell off of the Giant's Cradle and had to fight his way through an entire Lunar Phalanx to get back on so he could fight with a Froth Khan named Hrothmir. He killed the Uraini. Also, in Teshnos, while gripped in Hrothmir's berserkergang fury, Kogad threw a war elephant 50 feet through the air with Marrek on it's head.

Marrek Openhand
Marrek is a Tarsh Exile from Wintertop. He fights with the open hand. He is a martial artist. He once made the mistake of asking Onslaught to demonstrate a punch. Onslaught showed him, and it killed him. Marrek is most noted for his propensity to be chased by Storm Bullers. Once for his tight little tush, mostly to try and calm down Kogad.

Rayna Goldbreath
Rayna is a Lightson of Yelmalio and one of the few female Sundome Templars. She was appointed commander of Krarn's trollkin legion while the Companions served with him in Heortland and treated the trollkins better than they had ever been before. They now worship her as a demi-god and call her "The Golden Lady".


31 January, 2004

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