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The PargAddi Campaign


Nice doggy... This is a story about a group of Imperial "Hunters" - scouts, explorers, assassins, spies - and their work in the Emperor's service.

This squad of hunters belong to the PargAddi regiment, a band of killers renown for their brutal efficiency, first gained during Parg Ilisi's campaigns in Eol.

The PargAddi campaign was created to give the players a rest from the high politics of the Gwandor Campaign and to allow us to explore the Empire.

You need the Rune Quest font and the Core Runes font to read these pages properly.

Meet the PargAddi

Abandinus the Flayed - Eliot Richman Maloven - Danny Sarrasin
Greshvuketh er Erdhesh - Wesley Quadros Marakus - Nikki Carvalho
Hagrid the Mysterious - Jason MacIntyre Upstanding Man - Ray Chopping
Kavlos the Lucky - Richard Fenner Verakus - Greg Varga

Read the PargAddi Annals:

I: Crowd dispersed
II: Found'em
III: Kill them all
IV: Oh shit
V: Journey through madness
VI: What the hell is going on?
VII: The White Hart
VIII: Any means necessary
IX: Don't fuck with the Fourth
X: Talk to us
XI: Success
XII: Ouch
XIII: This isn't so bad
XIV: Containment Breach
XV: Unexpected Consequences
XVI: Pacified
XVII: Over the Hill
XVIII: On Our Way
XIX: Unexpected Encounters

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