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Verakus the Bald

This is Verakus' character sheet in Hero Wars

The mage Varakus basks in the Goddess' Glory.


Verakus is a brilliant Makabean Sorcerer from Bagnot. He studied the Scrolls of the Moon in Yuthuppa with Korkeduva, now his bitterest enemy. Risky experiments at the Order's tower left him bald and glowing softly with resonant energy. Verakus carries Korkeduva's personal grimoire with him, his by right he claims, and wears the Blue Comet ring. His staff crowned by a small moon-stone, stores the Goddess' Energy. Gamaril, his enchanted pony, can ride across moonbeams and Trooper Lurappi protects him. Verakus corresponds with his classmates across the empire and has studied New Pelorian. His patron Yelor-Urnal loaned him a Reaching Amulet.



Keywords: Tarshite, Sorceror, Makabean Order

Physical Skills

Draw with Chalk ... 17
Ride ... 17
Endure Hardship ... 17
Resist Cold ... 17
Resonant Energy ... 2w


to Makabean

Order (member) ... 17
to Classmates (friends) ... 13
Imperial Citizen ... 13
to Commander ... 13
to PargAddi ... 6

Lurappi ... 13

Trooper, servant

Yelo-Urnal ... 13


Church: Sedenya ... 13
Order: Makaebeus ... 17

Mental Abilities

Brilliant ... 13
Doctrine of the

Makabean Order ... 17
Read/Write New Pelorian ... 17
Scribe Cicle of Lunar Power ... 17
Sedenyic Philosophy ... 17
Speak New Pelorian ... 17
Tarsh Geography ... 13
Tarsh Customs ... 13
Tarsh Myths ... 13


Tome of Bleak Dispair ... 17

Heat Rock
Resist Valind
Shatter Hollri
Slow Wind
Warm Body
Tome of Grim Vengeance ... 1w
Curse of Catastrophe
Curse of Discord
Curse of Frail Iron
Curse of Impotence
Curse of Rotted Food
Suck Soul Strength
Tap Hope
Tome of Humility ... 17
Comprehend Rufelza's Love
Easy Suffering
Enhance Understanding
Shrive Pride
Touch with Joy
Scrolls of the Moon ... 6w
Ride Moonbeam
Blend into Moonbeam
Blast of Moonbeam

Rating: ... 15


Blue Comet Ring ... 13
Moon Staff ... 13

Stores 13 AP
Pony: Gamaril ... 13
Ride on moonbeam
Reaching Amulet ... 13
Create Glow Spot
Enchanted Robes (+2 armour rank)
Moon Stone Necklace ... 13
Focuses Socery Engery
BlueStone Bracers ... 13
Holds 13 AP

Feud with Korkeduva ... 13


Ranged Combat:

Armour: ^2

Enchanted robes

Other Bonuses:

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April 5, 2001

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