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The PargAddi

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Maloven the Tarshite

Maloven was a house trooper and dog-handler for Lord Uij-Orlam of Furthest and a devotee of Yanafal Tarnils. He left the lord's employ when he was discovered with the lord's daughter in the stables and she cried "rape", which was not what she was saying a few moments before. He is now a trooper, a beater in the 4th Eleventh in the PargAddi regiment, Imperial Hunter Corps.

Maloven, Warrior of Tarnils

Maloven, a Yanafal Tarnils devotee, is a wiry warrior from Tarsh Ford. Like his god, Cwurl Toran, Maloven keeps a pack of war hounds and is accompanied by Dinjiaxxar. Maloven bears a Balazari whistle and a Dream Catcher. The Grey Sages taught the cunning citizen to read, write and speak New Pelorian. Maloven's, fixed dice and easy manner serve him well in his gambling. His sense of value and underworld contacts, throughout the Oslir Valley, allows profitable acquisitions. Maloven's honeyed tongue and noble looks complement his skills of disguise and deception. Maloven wields Iron-Claw, Hound's Helm and Hvynt's pelt.


Maloven the Tarshite Keywords:
Homeland: Tarsh 17
Occupation: Warrior 17
Magic: Cwurl Toran 17
Common Magic: 17
Special: Imperial Citizen 13
Acquisition 1w
Acute Hearing 17
Boast 17
Breed Dog 17
Command Dog 17
Cunning 13
Deceit 13
Disguise 13
Easy Manner 13
Endure Suffering 1w
Farming 17
Fighting: Spear and Shield 17
Fighting: Sword and Shield 3w2
Gambling 13
Geography of Tarsh 17
Hide in Cover 17
Honey Tongue 20
Hunting 17
Keep up with Pack 17
Know local Area 17
Mass Combat (Fyrd) 17
Myths of Cwurl Toran 17
Myths of Lunar Way 17
Myths of Tarsh 17
Noble Looks 13
Read/write New Pelorian 13
Recognise Foe 17
Riding 17
Running 17
Sedenyic Philosophy 13
Sense of Value 13
Soul Vision 17
Speak New Pelorian 17
Speak Regiment Polygot 6
Speak Tarshite 17
Stay awake 17
Tarsh Customs 17
Throw Axe 17
Throw Sword 17
Train Dog 17
Treat Dog 17
Wiry 13
Beater in the PargAddi 17
Imperial Citizen 13
Patron: […] 13
Relation to family 17
Relation to clan 17
Devoted to Cwurl Toran 17
Worship Sedenya 17
Contacts Oslir Underworld 13


Common Magic
Fight Back 17
Heal Self 17

Combat 20
Charge of the Mastiff
Empower dog with death
Stabbing sword
Augment dog
Command dog
Heal dog
Tireless lope
Boastful 17
Brave 17
Dedicated 13
Dogged 17
Flexible 17
Friendly 17
Inclusive 13
Loyal to Leader 17
Open-minded 13
(A hellhound)
Burst into flames 13
Cerberus 15
Lava breath 16
Lead pack 13
Walk in shadow 20
Pack of war hounds (4) 13

Combat Summary
+ 1
War hounds
+ 1
Common magic
+ 2*
Ready magic

Lunar cyclical magic
Dark,CCome,CGo,Dying = 1; Glowring,½ = 2; Full = 3

Possessions & Wealth

Standard of Living:
(1 lunars / week)


Bronze cuirass
Army issue shield
Hunting knife
Iron Kopis: Iron-Claw
Helm: Hound's Helm
Hvynt's Pelt


Balazari Whistle   13
Dream Catcher   13
Fixed Dice   13

Stash: 20 silver lunars, 1 golden wheel

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