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Hagrid the Mysterious

This is Hagrid's character sheet in Hero Wars


Hagrid the Mysterious is a well-dressed warrior from Furthest. His charisma and commanding voice draw respect from his peers while his reflexes go unnoticed. Hagrid’s noble father lost a dart war with the Harmastsson House. Hagrid’s daimon, Far-Seer, is a brown falcon, he trained it and can see what it sees – his gaze is unnerving to some. Hagrid is a devotee of Yanafal Tarnils and worships Korsh Lightfoot. His staff, Impaler, is bound in iron and silver. He wears the Fourth-Moon iron bracers and the Cloak of Cloud. He can track and survive in the woods. The Yest-Orla owe him.



Keywords: Tarshite, Warrior, Devotee of Yanafal Tarnils

Physical Skills

Acute Hearing ... 17
Commanding Voice ... 13
Hide in Cover ... 17
Riding ... 17
Running ... 17
Sharp Reflexes ... 13
Unnerving Gaze ... 13
Wilderness Survival ... 13


to Furthest ... 13
to Commander ... 17
to PargAddi ... 13
To Yest-Orla House ... 13


Far-Seer ... 13

Falcon Daimon, Devotee of YT

Pantheon: Odayling ... 13
Devotee of: Yanafal Tarnils ... 17
Initiate of Korsh Lightfoot ... 13

Mental Abilities


Tarsh ... 13
Falconry ... 1w
Tarsh ... 13
Tarsh ... 13
Seven Mothers ... 17
Orate ... 17
Recognise Foe ... 17
Stay Awake ... 17
Tactics, Small Unit ... 17
Tracking ... 13

Brave ... 17
Charismatic ... 13
Mysterious ... 13


Combat ... 1w

Charge of the Ram
Empower with Death
Enchant Iron
Enchant Silver
Stand against Many
Military ... 17
Awaken Vexilla
Block Magical Scout
Destroy Enemy Morale
Raise Courage
Warlord ... 17
Co-ordinate Forces
Create Morale
Mask of Command
Perceive Enemy Strength
Perceive Enemy Weakness
Lightfoot ... 13
Walk through tree-tops
Spinning Blade
Mongoose Lunge

Rating: ... 5w


Staff: Impaler ... 13

Iron Bracers ... 13
“4th Moon”
^1 armour



Feud with house Harmastsson ... 13


Close Combat ... 5w

Spear and Shield ^3
Staff Fighting ^4
Sword and Shield ^3

Ranged Combat:

Armour: ^3

(^4 with shield)
leather amour
leather helm
Iron bracers

Other Bonuses:

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April 5, 2001

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