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Greshvuketh er Erdhesh

Greshvuketh is the first son of a moderately wealthy family in Alkoth and a devotee of Shargash. He slew the scion of a powerful, rival family and fled the city. He is now the Kastori, sergeant, of the 4th Eleventh in the PargAddi regiment, Imperial Hunter Corps.

Greshvuketh, warrior of Alkoth

Hail the Destroyer, Greshvuketh, son of Harumvuketh.

Erdhesh’s Heir, Gold-Hemmed.
Hail the Kastori, tall as the Footstool with Alkor’s Vigour
Hail Rimushibi’s Master,
Lukarius’ Man with the Dancing Saddle,
Borne by Treshkorvik.
Wielder of Purity, drawsman of Walindum’s Doom.
Hail the Iron Warrior, guarded by Destiny,
Ruthless purpose.
Hail Talumara’s betrothed, Salnarurpal’s Bane.
Dark charisma, compelling voice
Hail Oslira’s Shield the Water Strider,
the Fish-Talker
Struts like Varnaga.
Hail the Falconer,
Boastman's Bane, survivor.
Hail the Hunter, Semgeresh’s Man,
Traveler, Hound’s nose, Owl’s Eyes,
The Squirrel.
Hail the Pupil,
Buserian’s Code, Moon Tongue,
Dawn Tongue, Golden Tongue.
Hail Sedenya’s man.


Greshvuketh er Erdhesh Keywords:
Homeland: Alkoth 17
Occupation: Alkothi Warrior 17
Magic: Shargash the Destroyer 17
Common Magic: -nil-
Special: Imperial Citizen 13
Alkothi myths 17
Alkothi customs 17
Alkothi politics 17
Charge Foe 18
Climb 13
Compelling Voice 13
Dance (Alkothi) 17
Dara Happan Geography 17
Dara Happan Military History 17
Dark Charisma 13
Endure Suffering 2w
Falconry 13
Fighting: Archery 17
Fighting: Mace & Shield 1w2
Fighting: Spear & Shield 17
Fighting: Twined Maces 17
Golden Tongue 13
Intimidating Presence 17
Knowledge of Foreign Fighting Styles 17
Knowledge of Foreign Lands 13
Leadership 19
Mass Combat (Phalanx) 17
Myths of Shargash 17
Night Vision 13
Play Drums 17
Read/Write Dara Happan 13
Ride 17
Sedenyic Philosophy 13
See Spirits of the Dead 17
Soul Sight 17
Speak Alkothi 17
Speak New Pelorian 13
Speak Theyan 13
Stalking 14
Stamina 13
Strong 2w
Swim 13
Tactics 17
Tall 13
Tracking 14
Beloved of Talumara 13
Devotee of Shargash the Destroyer 19
Exiled from House Erdhesh 17
Feud with House Korvek 13
Imperial Citizen 13
Leader to Warrior Followers 17
Loyal to Military Commander 17
Master of Rimushibi 13
Patron: Sengeresh 13
Reputation (Riverfolk): Protector 13
Worship Solar Pantheon 17

Berserker Combat 17
Fight while injured
Strength of Shargash
Smash Many Foes at Once
Crushing Mace Blow
Fire Shield
Smash Shield Wall
Fiery Aura
Sky Bolt
Crack Earth
Vengeance 13

Water Strider 13
Brutal 17
Dedicated 13
Hate Darjini 17
Inclusive 13
Open-minded 13
Ruthless 13
Vengeful 13
Violent 17

Retainer: Warrior 17
Retainer: Warrior 17
(Blood Hawk/Divine Companion)
Destruction 15
Dodge Attack 3w
Find Threat 16
Possessions & Wealth
Standard of Living: Wealty

Alkothi Scale Tunic (+5)
Bow: Walindum's Doom (+3) 13
Dancing Saddle 13
Iron Mace: Purity (+6) 14
Shield: Destiny (+1) 13
War horse 13

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