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Abandinus the Flayed

Abindinus was a weaponthane in the Dinacoli tribe from Far Point. He was exiled when it became known that he worshiped the Lord of Demons, Deshkorgos. He is now a trooper, an irdexmot in the 4th Eleventh in the PargAddi regiment, Imperial Hunter Corps.

Abandinus, demon summoner

Abandinus is a devotee of Deshkorgos and a Dinacoli warrior. He is violent, sadistic and holds grudges. He is brilliant and seeks knowledge leading to greater power. He is a charismatic leader with a honeyed tongue and a master of seduction; yet loyal to his companions. He possesses a demon snake follower, used as a whip, with whom he shares a mental link. He is sly and sneaky with light fingers and when necessary can move his slim form with incredible speed and agility. He is a talented butcher, chef and poisoner. He has a talent for interrogation. He possesses Demon's Rest.


Abandinus the Flayed Keywords:
Homeland: Heortling 17
Occupation: Warrior 17
Magic: Deshkorgos 17
Common Magic: -nil-
Acute Hearing 17
Agile 13
Brilliant/Scholarly 13
Butchery 13
Chef 13
Endure suffering 7w
Farming 17
Fighting: Spear and Shield 17
Fighting: Sword and Shield 17
Fighting: Whip 11w
Georgraphy of Tarsh 17
Hide in Cover 17
Honeyed tongue 13
Interrogate 13
Know Dinacli area 17
Leadership 13
Light fingers 13
Mass combat (fyrd) 17
Myths of Deshkorgos 17
Myths of the Underworld 17
Poisoner 13
Knowledge of poison
Recognise poison
Use poison
Recognise foe 17
Riding 17
Run 17
Seduction 13
Sense underworld denizen 17
Slim 13
Soul Sight 17
Speak New Pelorian 12
Speak regimental polygot 6
Speedy 13
Stay awake 17
Stealth 16
Tarsh customs 17
Tarsh myths 17
Throw axe 17
Throw javelin 17
Hated by family 17
Hated by clan 1w
Irdexmot in the PargAddi 17
Loyal to companions 13
Devoted to Deshkorgos 17
Lapsed Storm Pantheon 17

Lord of Darkness 17
Blind foe
Cause fear
See in dark
Lord of the 4th Hell
Disarming whip
Fight to the death
Searing eye blast
Lord of Monsters
Command demon
Repel demon
Summon demon
Boastful 17
Brave 17
Charismatic 13
Holds grudges 13
Loyal to leader 17
Sadistic 13
Seeks knowledge 13
Sly 13
Violent 13

Retainer: Demonic horse 12
(A demon incarnated within a whip)
Smoke snake 13
Poison bite 1w
Hydra strike 20
Possessions & Wealth

Standard of Living:
(2 lunars / week)


Army issue shield (+1)
Demon whip (+1)
Urcharil scale tunic (+8)
Urcharil sword (+5)
Demon's Rest 13

29 Lunars


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