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The Laguros Campaign

The people of the Laguros are a diverse lot, from the frothing warlord to the introspective chief. Here are some of them.

Kenisk Black-Eye

lu-Pan, the Chief

Kenisk is a man passing his prime. He was elected lu-Pan when his father Kenrg Bloody-Fist was killed by raiders. His mother, Yort lives with him - and it is said that she makes life hell for his wives. His mind is sharp and his justice undeniable but some mutter that his arm weakens. In recent years Kenisk has become less bellicose more thoughtful. He wears a tunic of silver-rings taken on campaign in the Farmer Empire. Several years ago while on a spirit-quest, Kenisk's left eye turned completely black, he usually keeps it covered with a bandanna. It is said that he can see a man's soul with that eye.

Ku-Zahn Wolf Friend

il-Pan, the Warlord

Ku-Zahn leads the clan's Warriors and carries the Laguros Sword. He is a deadly warrior without the blade and unstoppable with it. Ku-Zahn has devoted his life to destroying the Grey Lances, to the point that he turned down several opportunities to war in the Farmerlands. He is growing increasingly disgusted with Kenisk's mellowing out and many in the clan believe the he is but biding his time until he challenges for chief. His only son is Ku-Bli Bearsbane.

Rurgr Stary-Eye

Kargzanti Shaman

Rurgr is the chief shaman in the clan. He spends most of his time in his circle communing with the spirits and every member of the clan reveres him. He is opposed to the continuing feud with the Bok-Chorve but will do everything he can to bring the clan victory. He is encouraging the chief's newer gentler manner.




December 9, 2001

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