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Those who farm, walk or otherwise grub in the dirt are disdained by the Char-Un. The large empire to the south (the Lunar Empire) is caled the Farmer Empire and is considered the home of a soft people to weak to live like the Char-Un do. However, the Farmers brought ma-Tamara to the Char-Un and they follow her as the nomads do so they aren't all bad.

Tekeneth Phirmek

Garrison commander for local Cold Line fort. Devotee of Anaxial the Kastok.

This wasn't mean't to happen.Tekeneth had a glittering career in the set up for him by his father in the Yuthuppan military, parties, carousing, eventually moving into politics. Yes it was all mapped out, but no one mentioned anything about actual fighting. Life was good in Yuthuppa, the women literally fell at the feet of this dashing well connected young officer. All this was fine until he met Selencia, how was he to know that she was the daughter of the Yuthuppan military commander, and that he didn't take kindly to having his daughters feelings trifled with.......

So now here he is in this Yelm-forsaken hole, he hates the cold, the savagery. Has little respect for his men ("no better than thieves and brigands"), and the feeling is mutual. Actively despises the locals as uncouth barbarians.

There is one local who seems more interesting than the rest, a local scout who is attached to the garrison, he seems to speak better New Pelorian than the local heathens, washes occasionally and even knows how to use a knife and fork. Still has the native surley streak, so can't really trust him. Still, only a couple more years and he may be allowed back to Yuthuppa.




November 10, 2001

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