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Chegutei Wolf-Brother

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Born while Kargzant slept, to uncertain portents, Chegutei was a sickly child of the Bok-Chorve clan, with fey gaze and pale skin. The sun-speaker was sure he was born for a great destiny, but could not tell if it was good or ill, so he was left outside the yurt one cold night. Wolves howled in the dark, but when Kargzant rose, he was safe and hale, suckled on wolfsmilk. His parents disowned him and he was traded to a Laguros, on the entreaties of his Bok-Chorve concubine, who raised him with her own children: Alsun the Runt and Borkan the Hide-Maker. Chegutei and Borkan neither fight nor laugh together, as if living in different world, but he often does both with Alsun, the half-sister he outwardly mocks and inwardly cherishes.

Withdrawn and cold, Chegutei was never a popular child, but those who did not dread his gaze learned not to try his fearsome rages. Chegutei is now no more than an adequate rider and archer, but in the hunt it is said he has the skills, endurance and ferocity of a wolf, and as he grows his shaggy silver-black hair comes to resemble a wolf's mane ever more. His is a terrible and merciless wisdom for one so young, and while few like him, all can feel the weight of fate bearing upon him. This weight has not totally crushed his child's soul, yet - sometimes, quite unexpectedly, he will join in the games of the other riders with feverish abandon. The elders have also noted his coolly appreciative appraisal of the charms of fair Aijire, Ku-Bli's sister. Yet her father, a respected elder has more than once warned them that he would rather wed his horse to Chegutei than his daughter.

Meanwhile, the elders and the sun-speakers watch, still awaiting with mingled hope and fear to discover the nature of his destiny.


Born to great yet uncertain destiny: fey and sickly, kin-abandoned, wolf-suckled, Laguros-raised. Chegutei has a terrible and merciless wisdom: few like him, most dread his gaze or rages but all feel his fearless, driving will. An adequate Rider, better with knife than bow, in the hunt he has the skills, endurance and ferocity of a wolf. His Telmor knowledge brought him Umbrulu Stands-like-a-Man's favour and thus Crookfang and Sura's Howl. He respects his adopted parents, ignores Borkan the Hide-Maker and outwardly mocks and inwardly cherishes his sister Alsun the Runt. He admires fair Aijire, but first must discover his wolf-brother destiny and avenge himself on the Bok-Chorve.


Physical Abilities

Endurance of the Wolf 15
Resist Cold 13
Fearsome Gaze 13
Wolf Run 13
Ride 18
Trick Riding 17
Herd Horse 17
Drive Prey 18
Animal Husbandry 13
Butcher 17
Craft Fetish 17
Craft Arrow 17
Distinctive 13
Sickly 13

Mental Abilities

Merciless Wisdom 13
Char-Un Customs 13
Char-Un Spirit Tales 13
Geography of Erigia 13
Identify Char-Un Clan Markings 13
Find Good Pasture 17
Know Prey Animals 18
Listen 17
Keen Eye 17
Track 19
Harry Prey 16
Sleep in Saddle 17
Kargzant Tradition Knowledge 2w
Telmor Tradition Knowledge 17


Driving Will 1w
Fearless 15
Fierce Temper 1w
Impulsive 18
Withdrawn 13
Disconcerting 13
Trouble Showing Positive Emotions 13


Close Combat (Knife) 15
Archery 17
Lariat 17
Sudden Lunge 13


Affinity with Wolves (one of the pack) 4w
to Laguros (loyal) 14
to Riders (frightening) 17
to Adoptive Parents [Gardizi Starhopper & Chukotka] (As if natural-born) 13
to Borkan (indifference) 6
to Aijire (uncertain) 13
Ally: Alsun (Feisty, Horse-bonded)
Follower: Crookfang the Wolf
Cunning, Savage
Patron: Umbrulu Stands-Like-a-Man (Telmore Shaman) 13
Hate Bok-Chorve (the Grey Lances) 15
Resents Natural Parents 13
Hate Aldryami 13


Uncertain Destiny 13
Member of Sun Stallion Practice 17
Member of Morgzil Practice 17
Member of Telmor Practice 17

Wind Riding (3/day) 13
Heartpiercer (3/day)
Bound in his bow which is made of rough heartwood, bound with bear's sinew.
Hide in Snow (3/day)
A hood of white cloth which must be rubbed in the snow and then tied over the head like a bonnet
Stampede Horse (3/day)
A small bone whistle, which appears to make no noise when blown.
Feel No Pain (3/day)
A bundle of beaded thongs, which must be wrapped very tighly around the right wrist
Ripping Fang (3/day)
In a knife made of what appears to be one huge wolf's fang, its handle bound in pale twine.

Sura's Howl 13


Wealth: Minimal 5


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November 10, 2001

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