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The Laguros Campaign

Char-Un Lancers"Come gather round," the Elder wheezed. "This is the tale of your ancestors, those who made the Char-Un great. These are the tales of the Laguros clan of the Char-Un. Fearless and impulsive. Generous but driven by vengeance. Joyful, and dour."

Juzjan smacked his toothless gums, drank deeply from the skin of koumis and continued. "Hear me! I tell of the coming of the Kalikos and the defeat of the spirits of winter."

This is the page for the Laguros Play-by-e-mail (PBeM) campaign. The game is set in the north of Erigia, the lands of the Char-Un nomads. To the north broods the mighty Walindus Glacier. To the west the gloomy Bear Forest, called Rathorela by some.

The players have started as Riders in the Char-Un nation, the youngest of the clan's people. This is their struggle to make names for themselves, find their place in the world and bring glory to their tribe.

And so The Black Scrolls begin. The year was 7/11(1582).

The Black Scrolls
The Laguros





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November 9, 2001

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