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Sota Lamplighter
The One True Light

History and Goals

Sota is one of the few men alive who heard the preaching of Monrogh, the New Light and greatest hero of Yelmalio in the Third Age. Monrogh taught Sota at the end of his life before he apotheosized and gifted him with his spear telling him that “you will be the spear of my teachings, the heart of a new order that will throw back the veil of darkness with a burst of light so bright that I fear it will burn those who cannot embrace its radiance”

For a long time Sota pondered those words and became high priest of the Vaantar temple of Yelmalio spending his time in reflection, preaching, learning and priestly duties. With the rule of the corrupt Count Ogunjar all that changed. Sickened by what he saw as the selling out of Yelmalion virtues for a quick political profit, Sota led a revolt against the secular rulers of the Vaantar temple, drove Ogunjar out and began a crusade to return Yelmalio to Rightness.

He went on a great quest to emulate Monrogh and other heroes of Yelmalio and at the end of his quest in early 1631 he became the first disciple of Yelmalio since the Second Age.

He has since been on a whirlwind tour of all the Yelmalio temples and enclaves he can find, converting others, preaching the true way or humbleness before god, fighting discipline and courage with the virtues of hard work and loyalty to the people being the way to piety.

Many Yelmalions have responded well to his words and all the temples south of Eneal and Mirin’s Cross have agreed to follow the Sota Doctrine as it is now called. Many have called him a living saint and he has begun to receive worship personally for his work.

Opposing him is Ogunjar Straightarm and the Daysenarus Revival Doctrine which has preached a return to the ancient cult days and secrets associated with the High Sun Daysenarus and the mysteries of Nysalor. The Empire is funding this effort and Ogunjars army.

Sota wishes to cement his Doctrine before he dies and knows that the Ogunjar heresy must be destroyed before this can happen. He also intends his own person to serve as a reminder to all of the correct virtues of God. To that end he seeks a place to build a new temple where his body will form the core of its artefacts when he dies. This will be a beacon for the Doctrine and allow him the comfort of knowing that it will carry on past his death.

Mundane Abilities

Close combat12w3
Spear and Shield, Sword and Shield
Ranged combat
Mounted Archer
Dig irrigation ditches
Voice of authority12w2
Laws of Monrogh17w4
Recite holy scriptures13w3
Knowledge of nomad tactics12w2
Phalanx tactics16w3
Cavalry tactics9w2
Administer archive12w
Wilderness survival7w
Give spiritual counsel19w2
Inspire devotion8w2
Breed mastiffs12w2
History of Dragon Pass12w2
History of Yelmalio Cult16w3
Knowledge of dragons12w
Knowledge of mysticism18w




Pious, Dedicated, Exacting, Studious, Unyielding, Curious, Optimistic, Hard-working, Loyal to Followers15w2


Disciple of Yelmalio15w4


Messiah complex7w2
Hate Ogunjar Straightarm18w3


Brace Spear, Brighten Morale, Locked Shields, March in Step, Spear of Accuracy, Defend Sun County. Dodge while Riding, Dodge Strike, Hold My Ground
Dispel Clouds, See in Darkness, Shield of Brilliance, Smite Darkness, Sunbright Corona, Arrow of Light, Aura of Righteousness, Lantern Beam. Illuminate Obscure Fact, Illuminate Falsehood, Find the Way, Sense Sun Dome Temple
Accelerate Grain Growth, Banish Pests, Destroy Blight, Resist Frost, Plow the Earth, Resist Desiccation
Secret: Survive Defeat15w2

Divine Companion
Monrogh's Iron Spear ^1413w2
Pierce Armour, Deflect Blow, Levitate, Project Scorching Light, Inspire Followers, Summon Spirit of Light (5 x per day at a might equal to 13w2)


Bronze Bender
Insult Orlanthi and Dara Happans - 17w3, Fighting dog - 15w3
Fanatical warrior priest band of 3 x 64 Templars
Warrior - 15w2, Devotee of Yelmalio 18w2



November 13, 2002

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