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The Journal

This is the journal that led Argrath to the EWF Battle Banner. It was bought from a nomad khan and sold to Cragspider, in who's library Wyrmquill the Dragonsage found it.

Entered Pavis, city of the wastes, where we victualled and added to our company with guides and more of our members from the Pavis chapter. The collapse of the Empire left much uncertain and prices were high.

Two hundred strong, we followed the Scritha river till its source was reached high in the hills and crags.

Soon we passed through bleak country where Vultures followed our every move and dryness assailed our throats with a pernicious persistence.

Twice we were assailed by natives, some on Rhinos that shook the earth and some on Sables of leaping beauty. Our champions saw to their defeat and the Dragon remained unfurled throughout.

The country became somewhat easier as we headed east though we were followed and watched at all times and little water was to be had. An oasis east of the bog was destroyed by stinging winds and sliding sands even as we approached. We suspected evil hands against us but our magics were not attuned to their ways.

We passed north around a strange and endless bog that had right to be in such a waste of heat. Above the mire and cloud of terrible violence hung and roiled. Lightning and rain squalls issued from it and the heated air grew humid and close. Breathing became difficult and the winds around the bog grew stiff and constant.

North of the bog lands were attacked by our hidden foe. Great were their numbers and from all the tribes that rode these wastes. So great was their onset that we fled into the bog rather than face them. Our rearguard died well enough to earn our blessing.

Wandered through bog, attacked by chaos many times. No time to write, no energy to think. Too horrible to describe.

Reached main waterway through bog, built river barges from mangrove trees. Desperation move but necessary. Our numbers now a mere fifty. Suvivors ragged. Food scarce and more likely to kill us.

Followed serpent, attacked by river creatures of scale and fin with form of man and hate of Zorak Zoran.

Sailed into canyon, avoided death on falls but others did not. Climbed down, much lost. Nomads again.

Found refuge in the canyon, a place of many beauties and mysteries. Strange god time survivors attacked us there. The Faceless People, the Jagged Ones and the Giant Eaters all tried us and though we hurt them, they hurt us too. Spent weeks here, resting in part, fighting to live and gaining big bellies. Some of us refused to leave and try the wastes once more. Those who stayed made peace with many and kept much that was precious for the remaining few could not carry it all. They swore to return all to us when we came back.

Left canyon via hanging wadi in canyon walls.

Attacked once more by nomad threat. Hrenvot defeated their champion by courge beyond any but the gods. So in awe were they that they rode with us for many leagues.

Left wadi and headed north to great heights, visible for 100km

Reached hills, camped, attacked by nomads, made escalade. Our new friends begged us not to for it was a cursed place but we laughed that we were cursed people. They thought us mad and mad folk could do anything they pleased to their way of thinking.

Moved among the wonders till attacked once more by horrors that guarded. Cannot write of it for I lost my skills of writing, now I dictate to my servant who is bereft of legs.

Finally we had crossed the height and found a way down though we overcame more nightmares to reach the ground once more.

Headed north

Assailed by creatures of Chaos while in badlands of rock and dust.

Headed north east till attacked by Horse riders. Death certain under clouds of arrow but nomad riders saved us thanks to hatred of ages.

Reached the Temple hills where the Crown of Three guided us to our destination.

Return to Gwandor 30

March 27, 2001

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