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The Saga of the Gwandorlings - Volume 2


- by Myrinthal the Wise
Dean of the Argrath Chair
Harshax the Divine Academy

These are the collected tales of the second volume of the Gwandor Saga. Like the first volume, the original papers were discovered in a sealed korjula-wood chest in the Gwandor Archive.

This second volume is distinct for two reasons.

First is the change in the Saga that took place at this point. This was the end of the Argrath the Hidden King period and the beginning of Argrath the Dragonlord. It was at this point in the Liberatorís history that he began to evidence growing Draconic powers and began to place himself more openly in the world. His period of growth and carefully building his support infrastructure had borne fruit and his armies were soon to be on the march bringing the fires of war to the lands of Genertela.

Secondly, until now the Gwandor Saga had roughly agreed with the telling of the Pavis Chronicles of the Whitebull regarding the actions of Argrath Whitebull and the Dragonfriend. It is in the second volume that the two records begin to evidence their first major discrepancies and the modern historian is hard pressed to reconcile the differences though the accuracy of the Chronicles has been established beyond reasonable doubt.

Little did I know what I was starting when I began to write the Gwandor Saga two years ago. I have broken it into two volumes now because I filled a 300 notebook with notes from the first 45 sessions. With the 46th session I had to get a new notebook, and thus a new volume of the saga. It a little worrying when I think that 46 sessions have covered a little more than three game-years - Martin has his story-line mapped all the way to 1650!

I hope you are enjoying reading them as much as we are enjoying playing them.

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March 27, 2001

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