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The Saga of the Gwandorlings 40


We must now tell of the happenings that passed between the Companion’s victory in the East and Argrath’s return to the West for the Dragon-Friend remained at Dragon’s Rest for most of a year, returning in Fire Season 1623.

Doiban agreed to instruct Argrath in the use of the EWF War-Banner and the Left-Hand Path, but the training should take many years. He finally agreed that he could teach Argrath what was needed in a year.

Bronwyn and Sigmund chose to remain with Argrath and learn his lessons alongside him.

Gudny, Garthael and Kamoar fared back through the Wastes to Sartar. They were to pass word to Argrath of the state of the land and to arrange for the transfer of Argrath’s new wealth to his fortress in Stone-Storm Vale.

Afore they could depart, Doiban spoke with the returning Companions. “Argrath faces a period of intense training where he will require all of his concentration and serenity,” he said. He then beseeched the Friends to keep any foul news from Argrath until his year had passed. The three agreed and went their way, heavily loaded with silks, spices and other treasures.

The Students, for that is what Doiban named them – and refused to address them any other way – spent their time learning the ways of the Left-Hand Path. They were taught to centre their souls and focus their energies. They spent many days staring at rock formations in contorted positions pondering the rock’s place in the Cosmos. They learned the fighting style of the Dragon’s Claw and how to draw on their draconic knowledge. They learned the philosophy of the monks and their places in the Universe.

When news came from the West, on the wings of a Sky-Bull, they listened impassively and returned to their studies. The monks arranged the transfer of Argrath’s goods to the west on a steady stream of flying caravans sent by – and occasionally led by - Gudny.

In the West momentous events were taking place.

After seeing Argrath’s caravan safely to Knight Fort, Kamoar spent the year exploring the Border Marches. He recruited more warriors for the Border Wardens and trained them relentlessly.

The Wardens were often seen loping across the hills and valleys of the Marches and practising strike-and-fade skirmishing. The knights of the Fort laughed at this training regime, practising for running away, they called it – until the Wardens caught a raiding band entering Bow Vale from Prax, and slaughtered it.

When he was not with the Wardens, Kamoar was exploring the Spirit Realm and gaining the allegiance of spirits from the Storm Realm.

From Knight Fort, Gudny fared to Horn Hill visiting with the priests and godi at the temple. He examined the progress of the peoples and dwarves in Stone-Storm Valley and then fared north to Old Wind and Culbri-land. He visited with the heroes of Old Wind and visited the king of the Culbrea. Gudny stopped for a time at Gudnystead to visit with friends and family before he passed through Battle Valley and visited Torkani-land. He then fared through the Lizard Wood Wilds, by-passed Alone and arrived among the Orgovalti.

Everywhere he went Gudny spake of Argrath’s deeds in the East and sought news of the land. This way he learned that the Marchers were prospering. The re-construction effort was proceeding rapidly, the dwarves had begun a mine in Stone-Storm valley and were tunnelling into the cave that the Companions had seen on their sky-bull quest - the one that had dragon associations – and Argrath’s fortress in Stone-Storm valley was proceeding well.

In the South Gudny learned that the Empire had again invaded Esrolia and that Broyan had again been defeated. He also heard that the Empire’s temple was proceeding in Sambari Pass, there were too many soldiers and magicians there for anyone to interrupt the work.

In the North Gudny learned that Harvar Ironfist had broken his bond and invaded the Torkani – even after they had paid his tribute. With his visit to the Orgovalti Gudny spoke with Orgovalt and was happy to find the chieftain in proper health again.

From Orgovalti-land, Gudny returned to the Gwandor where he enacted the hero-quest of Gustbran’s Hammer and for the most part succeeded. Later that year, from Old Wind, he stepped into the Otherside again and fared through the God’s Plane to the Hill of Gold where he successfully completed that great hero-quest. As the year closed Gudny returned to Stone-Storm Valley, much stronger than when he left and began work on a new temple to Orlanth Thunderous. He put the call out for priests and godi to join him there to help in the construction and to join his warband in the fight against the Empire.

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March 27, 2001

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